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How do you reset the password on your voicemail of your cell phone if you have forgotten it?

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Cingular : You can reset your voicemail pass code by dialing 611 or 1 800 331 0500 From the main menu, press3 (To get help with voicemail) Press 2 to reset your voicemail pass word Enter Billing Zip code Customer will receive a text message to their wireless phone with their new voicemail password. OR You can log into your "My Account" from the From the My Phone page, click Reset Voice Mail Password. Choose a wireless number from the dropdown menu and select Submit. A text message is sent to the wireless phone with the new password. Nextel: After you've registered as an Account Administrator on, click Reset Voicemail Password under My Subscribers. Sprint will reset your passcode temporarily to the last seven digits of your phone number. From your phone, you can then access voicemail using this temporary number in order to establish your new passcode. Vonage: If you forgot your Voicemail password/PIN, you can set up a new one anytime by following these simple steps: 1. Login to your Web Account. 2. Click the Features link. 3. In the Voicemail Settings section, select the desired number from the drop-down list and click the Configure button. 4. Click the Change PIN link. 5. Follow the instructions on the Change Voicemail PIN page. T-mobile: If you have forgotten your voice mail password, T-Mobile voice mail offers two methods for you to modify your password settings: 1. You may reset your voice mail password to the last four digits of your T-Mobile number. NOTE: To reset the password from your T-Mobile phone, type #PWD# or #793#, and then press Send. You will receive a confirmation message within seconds. 2. You may enable or disable the voice mail password when calling from your T-Mobile phone. NOTE: To enable or disable the password from your T-Mobile phone, type #PWO# or #796#, and then press Send. You will receive a confirmation message within seconds. AT&T: If you forget your VoiceMail password, call 800-288-2747 and press the prompt for Repair and Maintenance to have an AT&T representative reset it for you. Verizon: There are 3 ways you can reset your Voice Mail password:

# If you are already registered for My Verizon, Sign In and select My Phone. Then select Reset Voice Mail Password to reset your password. # If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and have not previously registered in My Verizon, please Register. After you have completed the requested information you will be able to perform your Voice Mail password reset online. # From your wireless handset: press *611, then SEND(airtime free) or call (800) 922-0204 (toll free) from any phone to reach the easy-to-use automated customer service menu. Select option 2 to reset your Voice Mail password, and then press 1 when prompted for the password reset menu. You will be asked to enter your 5-digit billing zip code. Follow the prompts for security verification and resetting the password. Prepay customers Voice Mail reset:

From your wireless handset: press *611, then SEND(airtime free) to reach one of our service centers, or call (866) 837-3387 from any phone to reach Prepay Customer Service.

Learn how to program and use your voice mail

Note: Your Verizon Wireless Voice Mailbox is not password protected until you create a password by following the steps listed above.

2009-05-21 22:51:14
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How do you reset forgotten us cellular voice mail password?

You call 611 on you cell phone and ask them to reset that for you. There is nothing you can do on your own to reset your voicemail password. Unless you knew the password to access it. Which in this case you don't

How do you reset voice mail on straight talk phone?

i forgot my password on my cell phone for the voicemail and i need to know how to reset the password

How do you reset your voice mail password on a sprint phone?

How do you reset your voicemail passcode on Sprint phone

Need to reset voicemail password?

Go to Settings. Select the Phone option. Select the Change Voicemail Password. Enter the current password and tap Done. Enter the new password and tap Done. ... Re-enter the new password and tap Done.

How do you reset the password on your voice mail of your cell phone if you have forgotten it?

You will need to either reset your phone or call your cell phone provider to reset your voice mail password.

Can you get a new password or change your voicemail password for a Metro PCS Cell Phone?

yes, go to a corparate Metro store with your I.D. and they will reset you voicemail for free.

How do you reset mobile phones if you forgotten your password?

Call up the Phone company and they will reset it for you.... do

Is it possible to reset nokia e65 when phone password forgotten?


How do you reset forgotten password for Gmail?

You can reset forgotten password easily. This can be done by clicking on Forget Password. Follow the steps and you can reset your password.

How do you reset the password on your boost mobile phone voice mail if you have forgotten it?


How do you reset Windows Phone 7 because of forgotten lockscreen password?


Unlock a cell phone if you have forgotten the password?

If it is a verizon phone dail *228 and press 1 when it asks you to.. it will reset the password to the last 4 digits of your phone

How do you change forgotten password for blackberry 7130c?

If you have forgotten the password to get into your Blackberry 7130c, you will have to factory reset it. This will delete any contacts, pictures, or other apps you have on the phone.

How do you reset phone sim lock password in samsung s5222?

wwwfactoryresetscom This website will show you how to reset your cell phone or PDA device to its factory default settings or remove your forgotten password.

How do I reset the password to my Sprint voice mail if I forget it?

Go to and sign in using your phone number and established password. You will then go to preferences and settings (look at the menu on top of the screen). You can then modify you voicemail password or reset it.

How do you reset a forgotten blackberry password?

it depends how many tries you put on your phone when you put the password on if you have forgotten it completly then you just have to keep getting it wrong then your phone will reset itsself and you will lose all of you contacts and bbm contacts but your pictures dont go hope this helps

How can reset forgotten password of sbi ems?

i forget our ems password kindly reset

How do i reset my sprint voice mail password if i forgot it?

how to reset your voicemail code from sprint if you forgot

How do you unlock samsung champ when you forgot the password?

To unlock the Samsung Champ when you have forgotten the password, you must do a hard reset of the phone. Remove both the sim and memory card from the phone. Then turn the phone back on and dial 27673855#. This will reset the phone, and once done the phone will restart.

How do you reset your account on moshi monsters?

To reset your password click the forgotten password link which is on the login page.

How can forgotten Bt Yahoo passwords be retrieved?

While forgotten passwords cannot necessarily be retrieved, one can reset the password if it is forgotten. This is done by clicking the Reset Your Password link on the BT homepage.

How do you sign in to Microsoft if you have forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten Windows password, you need to reset the password. Select 'I forgot my password'. In next screen enter your Microsoft account and follow on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

How do you reset your password journal when you have forgotten your password?

take out the batteries locate the tiny button and press your password jouranol should be reset

What can you do to unlock your cell phone?

to unlock your cell phone, slide to unlock or if you've forgotten the password to your device take it to a mobile store to get is reset on unlocked :)

What can a user do to keep from having the Administrator reset a forgotten password?

Create a Windows XP forgotten password floppy disk