How do you reset the service indicator on a 07 combo van?


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how do you reset the service indicator on a 07 vauxhall combo van


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use trip computer switch located on wiper lever when service indicator comes up press in button on side of lever

How do you change alyernator on vauxhall combo van 2007.

Resetting the service light on a Citroen Nemo van is easily done. This service light will be set by a mechanic after the issue has been resolved.

I need to remove the front seat to my Vauxhall combo van to replace the seat belt clip, the is Van on an N Plate it's a Vauxhall COMBO 1.7. Many Thanks

turn key to 2nd setting then press km/mi twice-turn key back to 0-hold km/mi down and turn key back to 2nd setting after 10 sec or so it will reset . hope this helps

Hold down the mileage trip button located on the speedometer BEFORE you turn ignition key on. Turn key and continue to hold trip until service indicator resets.

The alternator oil pipe on combo van leaking does feed the vacuum and the return pipe.

it will tell you how to do this in the owners hand book. if not try turning the ign on, press the mi button twice quikly, switch the ign off. turn ign back on within 3 sec's whilst holding down the mi button and after holding the button down for 10-20 sec's the service timer will reset along with a beep.

if its the new 1.3hdi stop start it needs to go to a citroen dealer, i had same problem after it was serviced at local garage, i ran it to citroen and they told me it needed a service, i explained its just had a service, and they reset it for free :-)

This type of light is generally warning you it is time for a service. However, do look in your manual in the glove box to be sure.

there is only one fusebox in a combo van and it is under the bonnet next to the left of the battery pull in 2 clips and the cover will lift off

Turn the ignition key to the on position (do not start the van) and immediately step the gas pedal to the floor 5 X within 5 seconds. Repeat if it does not reset. to check if reset key off and start van lamp should go out within a few seconds.. D. Peterson Auto tech 30 years Master ASE

Turn ignition to "run" (don't start) push the gas pedal 3 times within 5 seconds.

Locate the main engine fuse box on the 1999 GMC Savanna van. In the fuse box look for the fuse marked ECU. Pull this fuse out wait 5 seconds and reinsert is. This will reset all codes on the computer.

The price of a Vauxhall Combo Van depends on whether it is a new or used vehicle that is required. Brand new and direct from Vauxhall, prices start at å£14208.33. Used they can be priced as little as å£400.

what number is the lighter fuse on a 04 vauxall combi van

To reset the computer on a 2009 Sprinter van after an oil change simply check your user manual.

You need to access the info button on a 2009 sprinter van to reset the computer.

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

It takes about £1000 to install a new pump and around £300 for a reconditioned fuel pump ECU unit on a vauchall combo van. The price range may vary with the place of repair.

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