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turn off the car's ignition. Hold down the reset button on the dash board to zero the mileage. keep it held in. turn the car's ignition on - but do not start. keep the button in for 5 seconds. a menu will come up - like date/mileage. let go and then press the button again. it will toggle through some options - then get to 'rst' press the button again, and your done

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โˆ™ 2008-07-06 18:02:09
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Q: How do you reset the service reminder indicator light on a 2007 range rover sport?
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How do you reset the service reminder indicator light on a 2005 range rover hse sport 2.7?

via diagnostic port. Softwear problem on these vehicles stopping use of trip meter button.

How do you reset service reminder light 2006 range rover?

the service light will go off after a number of miles..... I believe mine went off after 100 or 200 miles

How do you reset the service light on a supercharged range rover?

range rover supercharge service light off

How do you reset a service engine light on a 2003 range rover?

reset service engine light

Reset service interval indicator on 2006 range rover sport?

unfortunately this is not possible without service workshop dignostic software

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How do you reset service indicator on 2007 range rover vogue?

disconnect the battery for 10 mins or turn the ignition switch back and fourth with the key in it

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1999 Range Rovfer 4.0SE Reset Service Engine Light?

Try going to autozone they check the engine light signals for free and have reset mine

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