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How do you reset the service reminder on a 2006 VW Golf GTI Mk5?

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When the car is off, hold the reset button on the right side of the dash (0.0). Then turn the key on (not the engine) and once the service now words come out on the display press the minute(m) button on the right. That should turn the service now off.

2006-10-27 22:18:01
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In o2 shows on VW golf 1998?

This is a service interval reminder. You can hold down the two buttons on your guage cluster at the same time. to reset each Service "interval reminder".

How do you Reset Service Reminder in 2006 City Golf 1.4i Velocity?

Answer : to reset the display do the following : with the ignition switched off, press and hold the trip meter reset button below the speedometer. Switch the ignition on and hold the reset buttton for at least 10 seconds. Dashes appear in the display. The service has been reset.

How do you reset the engine service reminder on a 2007 mk1 golf?


How do you reset the service reminder on a citi golf?

Press and hold the trip reset button, then turn the ignition on. Turn off and release the trip button. VW agents refuses to devulge this information over the phone. They want to service the car for over R1600 and then only will they reset the button. When I service it myself then I know it was done properly and it only costs me R450.

How do you reset the service reminder on a 2004 vw golf 1.9 tdi se mk5?

hey this is how you reset your dashboard push the odo meter in and turn the key release the odo meter than turn button of the clock to the right and it is donne

How do you service a citi golf?

what service kit is needed to service a 2006 citi golf that has 100000 km on the clock

Reset service now 2002 vw golf?

Yes (tell if not answer)

How do you reset the service reminder on a 2001 VW Golf 1.6 comfortline Mk4?

You need to push and hold the two buttons on your cluster (speedo) the one to set the clock and the one to reset the (miles per journey) and hold them for 3 to 5 seconds Thats pretty much it :)

Service reset mark 4 golf?

The Service Reminder Indicator (SRI) is fitted to all 2000 EuroVans It stores two sets of information: Oil Change and Inspection Service. Here is the method to manually reset the SRI after performing a service: Switch ignition OFF. Press and hold down the trip odometer reset button (at the lower right of the instrument cluster). Switch ignition ON and release the trip odometer reset button. It is not necessary to start the engine; merely turn the key until the ignition is ON. The trip mileage area now displays "Service OIL". If trip odometer reset button is now pressed again, the display turns to "Service INSP". Pressing the button again will cycle the display back to "Service OIL". When the reminder that needs to be reset (either OIL or INSP) is displayed, turn button for setting the clock (at lower left of instrument cluster) to the right. The display changes to "Service ----". That reminder is now reset. The second reminder is unaffected unless it is displayed by pressing trip odometer reset button and the clock button is turned right again. Switch ignition OFF and back ON to resume normal display.

How do you reset the service reminder on a 1999 VW Golf 1.6S Mk4?

Press and hold button "A" (positioned right of trip recorder display) Switch ignition ON The word "SERVICE" will appear in the trip recorder display Release button "A" Turn button "B" (positioned left of trip recorder display) to the right to reset the display Switch ignition OFF

How do you reset service light on golf vr6?

take it to a garage and get it serviced and then they will turn it of son.

How do you reset oil change light in 2006 golf?

To reset the service light: With the ignition off, hold down the trip reset button (0.0) Turn the ignition on, release the trip reset button. Press the minute "m" button. You're good to go. You can also watch a free video instructions on

How do you reset the service light on 2002 Golf?

the light can only be cleared by a scanner take it to a qualified mechanic

How do you reset the service indicator for a golf mk5?

with the ign key in the ign in the off position , press on hold the trip reset button till it goes to zero . Then turn the ign on , then release the trip reset button . The service light should flash . Then press the minute adjuster button and the service light should be reset

H0w do I Reset key fob for a VW Golf 2001?

how do i reset key fob for a vw golf 2001 how do i reset key fob for a vw golf 2001

How do you reset the computer on a ez go golf cart?

reset the computer on a ez go golf cart

How do you reset the brake warning light on a vw golf mk4 tdi?

how to reset vw golf brake light

How do you reset the computer on a VW golf?

To reset the service lights on a Golf III, it's weird. You turn the key on (but do NOT start the engine), hold the odometer button, then turn the key off while still holding the button. Now press the hour button on the clock. This will reset the service reminder for an oil change. If you have an "IN 01", you must do it twice; three times for an "IN 02". If this is the only cause for your Check Engine light, it will go out after a few miles and stay out. To reset de computer to disconeect the battery of the car for 3 hours. Other way is with an scanner machine . The best way is to disconnect battery then hold battery terminals together for 3 seconds. This restores factory fuel and ignition map settings.

How do you reset service light on golf gti mk4?

Service lights can be reset using VCDS software (formerly known as VAG-COM) from Ross-Tech. Alternatively many inexpensive stand-alone fault-code readers are available that will reset a number of other warnings in addition to the service indicator. A well-known auction site is a good source of these.

How do you reset the service indicator for a golf gti mk4?

I believe you can unhook the battery and let it sit for about 5 minutes before hooking it back up. Otherwise you need a VAGscanner to reset the fault codes.

How many valves does the 2006 VW Golf have?

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf has 8 valves.

At what mileage does the odometer on a 1999 golf reset to zero?

I don't know, but my 1996 golf just reset to zero tonight as I passed the 300,000km mark.

How do you Reset the on board computer on a club car golf cart if it has no tow switch?

club car golf cart has no tow switch how do i reset the obc

Is the 2006 VW Golf electric or gas?

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf is a gas-powered vehicle.

What size engine does the 2006 VW Golf have?

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf has an inline 4 engine.