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it will reset its self after 12 hours

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:02:01
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Q: How do you reset the theft module on a 99 vw passat?
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Where is the transmission control module on a vw passat 99?

The transmission control module on a VW Passat from 1999 is located under the passenger side floor carpet. The TCM gather input from sensors to implement an operating strategy.

How do you reset check engine light on a 99 passat?

A person can reset the check engine light by disconnecting the battery. It can also be cleared by using an OBD scanner.

How do you remove oil pump from a 99 VW Passat 1.8T?

how to remove oil pump for 99 vw passat.

How do reset oyur anti-theft system in an 1997 mark 8 Lincoln?

I think my theft system was activate after my batery when down in my ford windstart 99

What number fuse is for the brake lights on a 1999 vw passat?

what number fuse is for the brake lights on a 99 vw passat what number fuse is for the brake lights on a 99 vw passat

How do reset the transmission control module on a 99 Audi a6 quattro?

use a vag com or just unplug and replug

Your 1999 Volkswagen Passat v6 engine oil and brake indicator light stays on even when the emergency brake is off is there a censor for those indicators?

replace your abs module its a common problem with v6 passat 99-2003 model.

How do you reset the anti theft on a 99 mercury mountaineer?

You need an auto locksmith it takes a special computer program to command ECU

Disable the anti theft on 99 sunfire?

how do i disable my anti theft on my 99 sunfire

What is a code 19 for 99 ford Taurus airbag?

Code 19 for a 99 Ford Taurus means the restraint control module crash data memory is full. If you replace the RCM, the code will reset.

What is the oil capacity on a 99 Volkswagen Passat V6?

6 liters.

Where is the theft deterrent module located on a 99 Chevy Lumina?

I is behind and below the right side dash insulateing pannel. according to the book,where ever that is. no really you can find the theft module behind and above the glove box. you need to remove the glove box (three bolts alng the bottom of it) and then look above where it was behind the dash.

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