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How do you reset the timing after the timing belt breaks on a 1997 Mazda MPV 3.0 2WD?

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all timing marks are on the belts and cams. just line them all up and it will be timed

2008-09-19 12:18:57
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Why won't a 1997 Mazda 626 start after replacing a distributor a month ago?

you need to reset the timing the distributor did not go back in correctly

What mileage to change timing belt on 1997 1.5l Mazda protege?

does a 1997 1.5l maxda protege have a timing belt or timing chain. When should i change it.

Is the 1997 Toyota Camry 2.2L motor zero tolerance if the timing belt breaks?

If the timing belt breaks, the valves get bent immediately.

Please HELP - I have a automatic 4-cylinder. 1997 Mazda 626 LX. It is at a mechanic garage He's not able to reset the timing but the car seems to run well How to reset that timing?

If your mechanic can't reset the timing, then they're not much of a mechanic, try another mechanic and make sure they're a certified ASE mechanic.

How do you turn off or reset the check fuel cap light on a 1997 for a Mazda B 2300?

how do you turn off or reset the check fuel cap light on a 1997 Mazda b 2300 2.3 4 cylinder engine.

Where is the fuel pump reset button on a 1997 Mazda Protege?

It is not equipped with a fuel pump reset button. Check the fuse and relay.

Does the 1997 mAZDA 626 have a timing belt?

Yes, and it must be replaced every 60,000 miles.

How do you reset 1997 landcruiser timing belt light?

I believe that is a dealer only problem.

Where are the timing marks on a Mazda 1997 626 16valve or a diagram?

the timing marks are located next to the top left side of the crank pulley

Where is the fuel reset button on the Mazda mvp 1997?

There is no fuel pump inertia switch on any Mazda. These are found on Ford vehicles.

How do you reset check engine light on a 1997 Mazda 626?

Go to Advanced Auto. They should be able to.

What is the timing spec for a 1997 Mazda 626?

12 degrees BTDC for 2.0L, 10 degrees BTDC for 2.5L.

Does a 1997 Toyota T100 6 cylinder have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing belt. Replace at 60,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. If the belt breaks serious engine damage will occur.

How do you reset your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee distributor?

The timing is set with the aid of a scan tool. It can not be done with a timing light.The timing is set with the aid of a scan tool. It can not be done with a timing light.

How do you reset the engine timing on 1997 Mercedes E320?

u can rest ur engine timing just take cables of battries for one houre then it will be automaticly rest

How much will a timing belt repair cost for a 1997 Mazda 626?

$400 -600 depends on how many idlers need replacment

Whenthe timing belt on a 1997 contour breaks does it bend the valves?

According to Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) the 2.0 L - DOHC - 4 cylinder engine in a 1997 Ford Contour is NOT an interference engine - so the answer would be NO

Is a 1997 Honda Accord ex a valve bender?

Yes... when the timing belt breaks... the valves will bend and/or break. All Honda's do that!

If the timing belt breaks on a 1997 Ford Ranger will the engine be damaged?

No , the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder in a 1997 Ford Ranger is NOT an interference engine ( according to the Gates website )

Does 1997 villager have a timing belt or chain and when should change?

According to the 1997 Mercury Villager Scheduled Maintenance Guide : The timing BELT should be changed at ( 105,000 miles ) * also , the Gates website shows it to be an INTERFERENCE ENGINE so if the timing belt breaks , engine damage will occur

Does a Mazda 323f 1997 have a timing belt or a chain?

Timing belt - usually replaced with service every 54,000 miles. The belt is available on its own, or as part of a kit, including the idler pulleys.

Where is the water pump located on a 1997 Mazda Miata?

Behind the Timing Belt at the front of the engine. The water pump pulley is the top central pulley on the engine. Removing the Timing Belt is required.

How do you reset the timing light on a 1997 Toyota hi-lux?

The timing light reset if i remember is behind the speedo. Remove the speedo head and clocks and look on the back. There should be a little jumper in some terminals and next to it there should be some empty terminals. Just remove jumper from one and put into other, this should reset timing belt light.

What oil do you run in a 1997 Mazda familia?

The Mazda Familia is also known as the Mazda 323. A 1997 Mazda Familia is recommended to use 10 W 30 oil.

How Where do you add Clutch Fluid on a 1997 Mazda B2300 Manual?

where do you add clutch fluid on a Mazda 1997