How do you reset transmission service required light on Volvo s60?

here is the detail instruction on resetting trans fluid with Volvo VIDA DiCE

I have successfully tested and changed the automatic transmission fluid for my 2000 Volvo S80 T6 with 174k with the VOLVO VIDA DICE OBD diagnostic system today. Yesterday my vehicle gave me "Transmission service required'" message with an accompanying orange engine service light. So I just go to the TCM (transmission control module) with VIDA and reset the fluid counter this morning.

I hooked up my Volvo VIDA Dice 2014D (A-quality) which arrived at my door 15 days ago from at the perfect price €86. The VIDA 2014D version did not disappoint me because it can and only loaded on Win 7 system. I do not need to setup a Virtual machine on old Win XP laptop again. That's a huge advance of VIDA.

After well installed Vida software, connect the Volvo Dice kit with vehicle via OBD socket

Complete vehicle information under Vehicle profile program.

First thing I need to do is to reset the Transmission Service Required light

Go to fault tracing

Click Delivery tab

Scroll down and click READ ALL to get the error code

Click ERASE ALL to clear all error codes

Then I ought to reset auto transmission fluid and change counter:

Click on Diagnostic Tab

Click on the sub tab Vehicle Communication

Go to TCM Module, go to advanced tab

Click Transmission Fluid Change Counter button

Click VCT-2000 icon to reset both transmission fluid change counter and adaptation systems.

Vida will read the software I have

Performing TCM-Resetting counter transmission oil

Resetting trans fluid successfully.