How do you resize a photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 that was downloaded from the internet without it ending up all blurry?

Photos on the Internet are usually stored on the host server with just enough detail to look good at the size displayed (or the size the Web site allows you to enlarge them to, if that feature is present). An enlargement of that photo, by any means, will look poor if the detail was not present in the first place. You can learn what detail is present in a picture by right-clicking the photo and selecting Properties and looking at the dimensions in pixels. (Keep in mind, though, that the thumbnail images there for clicking on will be of very low resolution; look instead at the pixel dimension of the full image that comes up.) You can resize an image downward and it will continue to look fine or even better, but since enlarging an image simply spreads the dots--filling in with interpolated pixels--the image can only become worse. You need to find a higher resolution version of the picture you want if you want a larger image or plan to crop and enlarge a portion of the picture. (If you search Google Images, the pixel dimensions of the target photo are written under each thumbnail picture. When you caputure an image, though, be sure you select the full-size picture, not the thumbnail.)