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for airbag codeUn hook your positive (red) battery terminal disconnecting all power to car. Leave unhooked over night to let the computer reset. Some say not to leave the computer unhooked but I've never encountered a problem. If you don't get results or don't feel that you want to go that way take it to the nearest service station or Ford dealer they can repair the air bag or reset the computer. You can switch out the airbag ,if you do ,make sure there is no power going into the car because the airbag may be defective and deploy on you ,not good.
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Q: How do you resolve an air bag code 6 on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?
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What is cod p0301 for 1997 ford thunderbird mean?

Trouble code P0301 means: Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected

Where is the keypad code located for a 1990 Ford Thunderbird sc?

there's a sticker on the trunk lid with the code on it

What is Ford Thunderbird OBD code P0505?

Trouble code P0505 means:Idle control system malfunction

How do you find the keyless entry code in your 1997 ford explorer?

How do I find entry code on my 1997 FORD EXPLORER XLT.

Where is the obd connector to code reader 1995 ford thunderbird 4.6 v8?

Its on the passanger side

Where is the keyless entry code for a 1993 ford thunderbird?

the code is on a sticker attached the the trunk the trunk and look on the hinge part of the trunk,

What is a x5 axle code on a 1997 ford crown vic?

On a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria : Axle code X5 is a ( 3.27 ratio , limited slip )

What does a 5-1 flash code mean for a ford thunderbird airbag system?

Code 51 means:Coolant temperature sensor circuit open

What was the original color codes for a 1964 Ford Thunderbird?

The color codes for the 1964 Ford Thunderbird are listed at: "" The original color code for your vehicle should be on the driver's side door jam if it is still intact on your vehicle.

Where is the keypad code for a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

look in the trunk behind the left side carpet there should be a bracket holding the lock control module this will have a sticker with the code on it.

What does engine code 303 on a 1996 ford thunderbird mean?

An engine cylinder misfire has been detected in the # 3 engine cylinder

How many quarts of trasmission fluid does a 1992 ford thunderbird take?

Since you didn't tell us the Engine here are all three, Which Just happen to have the same Transmission. 1992 FORD THUNDERBIRD 3.8L 6-cyl Engine Code 41992 FORD THUNDERBIRD 3.8L 6-cyl Engine Code R1992 FORD THUNDERBIRD 5.0L 8-cyl Engine Code T HO CAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Initial Fill..........3.0 quarts[2]Automatic Transmission, Total Fill..........12.0 quarts [2] With ENG at operating temperature, shift through all gears. Check fluid level in PARK and add fluid as needed.

Does the 1997 Ford Expedition have a key pad code?

It was an available option.

What is Ford transmission code E?

On the door jam sticker of my 1997 Ford F250 with 7.3 Powerstroke diesel the transmission code is "E". I have the E4OD automatic.

What is code p0420 on 1997 ford ranger?

Trouble code P0420 means:Catalyst system efficiency below threshold

What is code 0300 on a 1997 ford ranger?

P0300 = Random/multiple misfire detected

What is the Color Code for the Speaker Wiring in a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport?

What is the color code for a 1997 F 250 raido

What is the key code for the key that will open and start a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

If it's not written into the owners manual. I'd call a local locksmith to unravel this mystery.

Which terminals are jumpered on the OBD connector on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird for DTC retrieval?

That would be a OBD II system. You need a code scanner to read the codes.

How do you fix code p1409 on 1997 ford ranger?

Trouble code P1409 means: EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Circuit

What does P0401 code for a 1997 Ford Escort mean?

Trouble code P0401 means:Exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected

What the size of the 67 ford thunder bird engine?

The 1967 Ford Thunderbird was equipped with two different V8's. The 390 V8 315 H.P. was the standard engine. It is engine code Z. The 428 V8 345 H.P. was the optional engine. It is engine code Q.

If a 1997 ford mustang shows a code P1443 how do you fix this?

Code P1443 is idle air Control (IAC) valve Speed fault

What does a p1507 code mean for a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Trouble code P1507 means: Idle air control (IAC) underspeed error

What is OBD code P0708 in a 1997 Ford F150 mean?

Trouble code P0708 means:Transmission range sensor circuit high input