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You can't re catch Entie after you defeat it.

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2010-03-30 23:56:36
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Q: How do you resserect Enti after you defeat it so you can catch it?
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How do you catch enti in Pokemon soul silver?

you can catch it by going any where in the wild in the jhoto region and checking your poke gear map to see where it is but I cought raikou when i just needed a weak Pokemon in new bark town so its just all about luck

How do you catch enti on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl without cheating hacking or migrating?

The legendary dog trio cannot be found in the Sinnoh region, so you must trade or migrate from other games.

In Emerald if you defeat Rayquaza what will happen?

uh he faintes and you cant catch him so save before you battle it

Were do you get enti on Pokemon Silver?

After you see him at the Twin Towers he comes around randomly. SO look every where!!

Where can find azelf uxie mesprit when they flee?

When you catch dialga/palkia or defeat them, you can catch azelf and uxie in the lakes.Mespirit will flee so you gotta get a poketech radar to track it down.

Do you get a second chance to catch Kyuren if you defeat it on Pokemon black and white?

Yes, you will get a second chance to catch Kyurem provided you defeated it and saved your game. You will need to challenge the Elite 4 and defeat all 4 trainers as well as the Champion, Alder and Alder's defeat will activate the regeneration system so that Kyurem is respawned in the Giant Chasm.

Where can you catch molotic on Pokemon platinum version?

If you mean Milotic, if you want to complete the Pokedex it is nearly impossible to catch in Sinnoh. However, the Champion has one so if you defeat Pokemon League you will see it.

Do you have to catch ho-oh on heart gold cause I already have one and I dont see the point of getting another one So do I?

No, you can just defeat it.

Where do you catch a Apom In Pokemon Sapphire Version?

how about emerald too but you need to defeat the e4 first then go to safari zone it will be upgrade so k

How do you capture Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

At the start of the battle open your items and leave it open then defeat the Pokemon you want to catch and you can still use an item so just use a pokeball with this you get a much higher catch rate

When is the earliest time that you can catch dialgia in Pokemon Diamond?

you will first have to battle team galactic at canalave city. once you defeat them you will be able to catch dialgain Pokemon diamond or palkia in Pokemon pearl, this event goes along the game so you have to catch him in order to advance in the game.Also that is the only time you can catch him!!!!!!!!!!first you will have to battle team galactic in Canalave city after that you will be able to catch dialga in Pokemon diamond or palkia in Pokemon pearl, catching dialga goes along with the storie(you can also make him faint)you have to catch dialga or defeat him in order to advance in the game.

Where do you catch lapras in silver?

You can catch a Lapras every Friday in Soul Silver hidden withen the Basement of Union Cave. Warning: You'll need surf, so I suggest you defeat Morty first. Note: Even if you catch Lapras once, the next Friday there will be another one in it's place. So you can have as many as you like.

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