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Initially,remove the battery earth lead for a minute,have your radio code ready to reset the radio.If this doesn't work you may need a garage to reset with a diagnostic computer,or confirm a faulty sensor.

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Q: How do you rest airbag light on vauxhall astra?
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How do you rest Vauxhall insignia service light?

How to rest the service light on a vauxhall insignia

How do you reset airbag light on vw transporter?

how to rest airbag light on VW t5 ,thanks

What is the difference between an opel or Vauxhall Astra year 2000 glx xe 1.4 and an astra comfort 1.4?

the only difference is the badge its a con by vauxhall ----> it's not a con... Opel in UK is simply not as good as Vauxhall. rest of EU is Opel, UK is Vauxhall... other than that, they are perfectly the same car, no difference abosolutely

What is a infl rest light on a 1991 Chevy Caprice?

Inflatable Restraint (airbag)

What does Infl Rest mean on instrument panel of 1992 Corvette?

It is the airbag light. If the light stays solid, it means your airbag needs service. If it flashes, it's just self testing.

What does the dash light 'infl rest' in a 1990 firebird mean?

Inflatable restraint. Aka, your airbag

What country is vauxhall from?

Vauxhall / Opel is owned by General Motors, Vauxhall is in UK and Opel rest of Europe.

If your Inf Rest light on your Geo Storm comes on what should you do?

The infl rest light is just your airbag safety system it should blink a few times when the ignition is turned to on and then it should go out!!

If Oil Light stays on despite oil level full on Vauxhall Astra?

my oil light pressure light comes on when my car is at rest yet when I am driving it goes off or if I keep the rev count up slightly it is a vauxhall astra 56 plate.Any ideas what this is most likely to be. First be sure the oil level is correct and you are using the correct weight oil for that engine and climate. Then check that the engine idle speed is correct. Then check the oil pressure sending unit for accuracy with temporally installing a manual oil pressure gauge. If all that checks okay, you probably have a tired engine with worn bearings and oil pump.

Rest airbag light on 2001 Saturn sl1?

The airbag light indicates that the system has detected a fault with the airbag system. You'll need to take the vehicle to an authorized repair facility and have the airbag system diagnosed. I highly recommend that you NOT attempt this work yourself. Airbags are extremely sensitive, and even a small static discharge can cause release of the airbag. Airbags are expensive and untimely discharges are potentially dangerous.

What is the Infle rest on a 1991 Geo Metro convertible?

It indicates a problem with the airbag. When it's lit the airbag will not deploy.

What does infl rest light mean on a 1991 geo storm?

on my Buick, when starting car it means it's checking the airbag inflater. If it stays on somethings wrong with the inflater.

Will a 1991 geo storm start if the infl rest light is on?

yes it will start. The infl. rest lamp is for inflatable restraint (airbag) the light will normally come on (flash) for 5 seconds or so when the key is put in the run position that's the air bag system doing a self check

Where is the fuse for spedometre on a 1996 vauxhall astra 1.6l auto?

I have a w reg diesal astra, and suppose it is the same. My mileage display is out as well. I thought it was the fuse, but they told me in the autoelectric garage that all the dash is on one fuse and as the rest of the dash was on it would be the bulb. They said this burn out was common as it was on all the time. Apparently you have to take the dash off - they were even talking of taking the wipers off. I am now googling how to do that - hence why I am on this site.

What causes a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil pressure light to drop to 0 at rest but it is normal when driving does anyone know what could cause that?

I have a 2001 Cherokee sport and all the gaunges will drop to 0 while im on the highway as well.. the only light that is on is the "Airbag light"

Where is the vaux hall rest stop on the garden state parkway?

The Vauxhall service stop is at mile marker 142 in union NJ. Exit 141 is used to get to it and vauxhall rd.

What does Infl. Rest. mean on the dash board of an Oldsmobile 98?

it's another way to say 'airbag'.

When and where were the first Vauxhall Corsa models sold?

The Vauxhall Corsa is the name for the car exclusive to the United Kingdom. It is known by the name Opel Corsa in the rest of Europe. The Opel Corsa was first producted in 1982 in Spain but the Vauxhall Corsa didn't hit British soil until the year 2000.

Airbag light comes on when i move the driver's seat?

There is a wire underneath the seat that has a plug connecting it to the rest of the car. Make sure that the plug is connected correctly as it can start to come apart. Switch the engine off first ;-)

Where is the airbag module in a Saturn ion?

The airbag module (little black box) is located between the front seats under the arn rest. Two or three screws to take the plastic middle cover off and you got it.

How do you rest airbag light on 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

Check Owner's Manual. If you do not have one. Check Related links below.

What causes a check transmission light to come on the airbag light to come on and the volt meter to climb all the way to 16 in a 1995 Isuzu Trooper?

Just fixed the same problem with mine and its a bad alt . the votage regulator goes out on them and causes a bad ground to the rest of the system kepping the battery light on o2 light and brake light on also causes the trany light to flash. change the alt and it should be fine Just fixed the same problem with mine and its a bad alt . the votage regulator goes out on them and causes a bad ground to the rest of the system kepping the battery light on o2 light and brake light on also causes the trany light to flash. change the alt and it should be fine

Where is the window control module located on 1992 vauxhall frontera?

The module is situated in the arm rest where you store stuff unscrew it and you will find the module.

What type of mass is light?

Light 'particles' (photons) have no rest mass.

Only a small percentage of the electric energy going into a common light bulb is transformed into light what happens to the rest?

The rest is dissipated as heat.