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Q: How do you restore sound to windows seven?
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How do you reinstall system restore without windows disk?

If your restore requires a windows disk then you cannot restore without one. Most do not require a windows CD. Most include the windows files in the manufacturer restore.

Where are restore points kept?


What Windows tool can you use to restore the Windows system to a previous time before a device was installed?

System Restore.

How do you restore computer in Windows 7?

To restore it you have to delete your system32 files.

How do you get system restore in Windows 10?

You can get a system restore in Windows 10 in a few ways: reset to a factory settings, from restore pint, from system image, restore system files with sfcscannow and so on.

What windows tool can you use to restore the windows system to a previous point in time before a device was installed?

System Restore

What windows xp utility can be used to restore the system state to its condition at the time a restore point was made?


Can you restore a laptop that originally has Windows Vista with a windows 7 recovery disk?


How do you restore computer to original state?

Use the windows restore software automatically included in the packaging.

What features of Windows back up and restore tools can you use if you're unfamiliar with the backup and restore process?

THe backup and the restore wizards

How do you restore default font for Windows 7?

get a mac

How do you launch system restore?

If you have windows vista, click on start and type 'system restore' in the search box down the bottom and click on system restore when it appears If you have xp, click on start, All programs, Accessories, System Tools and then system restore. I'm not sure about windows 7. (Any version of windows which is 98 or under will not have system restore.) Hope this helps!

How do you reset the Windows XP pc?

You can reset the Windows XP by performing a Restore operation.

Which utility is used to locally update or restore the system ROM from within Windows?

Which utility is used to locally update or restore the system ROM from within Windows

How do you fix your sound card?

Restore the system, you can use XP's System Restore itself with, the premise is to create a restore point or restore using GHOST, GHOST recommended on the hard disk version of the sound card from the "Device Manager" and uninstall the sound card then you can install the correct driver .

How can you restore the sound on your computer?

Updating the sound card driver on your computer could possibly restore the sound if your sound card hardware is not damaged. The update process will reinstall the driver again to its original state.

How do you get back missing files in windows update?

You have to use windows restore cd, to repair such files.

What are the steps in order to perform a Windows 7 system restore?

To perform a Windows 7 system restore, first navigate to Start--> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools and click on the "System Restore" icon. Click "Next" to choose a date to restore the computer to and then click "Finish" to begin the system restore.

How do I restore standby Windows XP?

Push the power button.

Will there be a windows after windows seven?

After Windows Seven, The newest one coming out is Windows Seerophine and then Seerophine Pro X.

What is the system restore feature in Windows XP?

It allows you to restore your computer to a previous state incase of a system problem.

How do you restore factory settings to hp with Windows Vista without the disc?

How do you restore to factory settings on Toshiba laptop

What Windows Vista tool replaced the Backup program used in Windows XP?

Backup and Restore Center

How do you install windows seven theme on windows seven?

You don't. Its already installed.

Does a Sony Vaio Desktop have System Restore?

if it runs on windows then yes