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The optimum way is to remove (unscrew with a seat wrench) the seat and replace it. A seat cutter tool may be used to refinish the seat in place.

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Q: How do you resurface a hot water valve seat in an older 3 valve tub shower assembly?
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What are the two screws next to the valve on your shower?

If you mean shower valve, screws are for shower valve coverplate.

Where is shower valve?

Behind shower valve handle and trim plate

Shower valve leaking?

A leaking shower valve by installing a new cartridge.

How to tighten shower valve control?

On older modelsBehind the valve stem sleeve and escutcheon there is usually a packing gland nut which can be tightened with a valve stem socket wrench designed for the make and model of shower control your asking about..

What is the standard height for a shower faucet valve in a handicap shower?

Standard height for ADA (handicap) is 42 " center of valve to shower floor.

How do i Update moen shower valve?

Cut out the drywall in the wall behind the shower. Replace the valve. Patch the drywall.

Why doesn't the water in my shower get hot and the sink in the same room gets very hot?

Shower may have an anti-scald shower valve installed. If so, shower valve can be adjusted to desired temperature.

How do you replace a shower valve?

changing a shower valve can be sometimes impossible with out cutting a hole in the wall behind it. If you have a shower valve that is leaking through the valve and out of the shower head when shut off then I recommend trying to find new cartridges or replacement seals for the valve. If you need to replace the shower valve then I would cut a hole in the sheet rock behind the shower valve big enough so you have enough room to replace it. Sometimes if you can't get behind the shower wall and your water pipe isn't galvanized then it might be possible to change the valve through inside the shower but it can be a real struggle and most of the time you will need a wider trim plate. If you don't have much experience in soldering or using pex pipe and fittings then I would save you a headache and call a service plumber.

What is unit under 91 Dodge truck with brake lines and electrical wires connected to it?

ABS valve assembly.ABS valve assembly.

Where can i get a float valve assembly for my kawasaki ke 100?

You can get the float valve assembly for your Kawasaki KE 100 on Ebay.

What is the job of a camshaft timing oil control valve assembly?

to inject oil into the valve timing controller assembly

Why is the water still running in the tub when the shower stem is turned fully in shower setting?

The valve is not be diverting all the water. This valve may need to be replaced.

Why does your shower temperature change when someone flushes the toilet or uses another sink in your home?

Your water pressure is low. Consequently, when cold water is diverted to another application such as a toilet or a sink, the amount of cold water available at the shower mixing valve decreases as the low pressure is unable to keep up with the shower's demand. This causes a hotter mixture at the shower head. The solution is to either improve the cold water supply to the shower or to replace the shower control valve with a temperature compensating type. Pressure balancing is the cheapest and simply changes the shower temperature according to the pressure in the cold and hot water lines. When the toilet or sink is used, reduced pressure to the shower valve is detected and the valve reduces the hot water pressure, thereby maintaining the temperature. The more sophisticated approach is a thermostatic shower control valve. These are significantly more expensive, but will not reduce the pressure at the shower head (a drawback of the pressure balancing valve). The thermostatic valve would be required when one shower control valve is operating several shower heads. Moen, Kohler and Delta all make both types of control valves. They can be readily obtained from a local plumbing supply house.

What does a solenoid valve assembly in a humidifier do?

Opens the valve to allow H2O into the humidifier

How do you change the valve stem seals on a 1997 Mazda 626 2l?

The cylinder head must be removed. If you go to that much trouble, it would be best to resurface the head and do a valve job.

Where is water shutoff valve in shower?

Some shower valves have integral stops which can be accessed by removing the trim plate. Most shower valves don't have these and the water is shut off by turning off the main valve to the house or apartment.

How often should you replace the shower valve?

Though not a plumber, I can say that shower valves are usually made of brass(a very good material). Therefore they are also expensive to replace (50 dollars for the valve, 150 dollars per shower valve if done by a competent plumber). Therefore, when you notice a leak coming from your shower, try to replace the seat washer (usually the hot water side needs to be replaced first). If you still have a leak, it's time to replace the shower valve.

What is the standard height for shower valve?

42 to 48"

Why the shower head still leaks when turn off the water?

The valve in the shower control needs to be renewed.

How do you get hot water as opposed to only lukewarm in a shower when there is no problem with the water heater?

Replace the shower valve.

How do you change a triple valve shower control to a single lever control?

By replacing the entire shower body

What is the standard height of shower valve for most Asian countries?

The same height as the normal western shower valves, this is why they are yellow, they can't show because they can't reach the valve.

Leak behind the shower wall Can a worn out shower valve cause this?

try replacing o ring on spindle

What would cause the shower head to leak when the shower pin is not pulled?

Seats in the main valve body are leaking by, allowing water to go to the shower head.

Where can you buy valve Price - Phister shower?

Home Depot