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WARNING: DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCUR IF MAGNETICALLY SENSITIVE DEVICES ARE EXPOSED TO THE RELEARN MAGNET. MAGNETS CAN AFFECT PACEMAKERS. CAUTION: Never attempt to train more than one vehicle at a time. System is capable of reading tire pressure sensor transmissions from other nearby vehicles while in train mode. Each time a wheel rotation or tire pressure sensor replacement occurs the tire pressure sensors must be retrained. This is necessary to inform the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) that a sensor change was made and the new locations of the sensors. Retraining is accomplished through the EVIC used in conjunction with a Re-learn Magnet, Special Tool 8821. NOTE: Use the following procedure to retrain all five (5) tire pressure sensors. No attempt should be made to retrain individual sensors. # Retrieve Re-learn Magnet, Special Tool 8821. # Press MENU Button on EVIC until "RETRAIN TIRE SENSORS - NO" is displayed. # Press STEP button to select "YES". There is a 60 second timer for training the first sensor and a 30 second timer between training the remaining sensors. If either of these timers expire, the EVIC will abort the training procedure. If at any time the EVIC display reads "TRAINING ABORTED", move the vehicle ahead at least one foot and repeat the entire retraining procedure. # Press MENU button to start retraining. Display will read "TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE" NOTE: The order for retraining all five sensors is: * Left Front * Right Front * Right Rear * Left Rear * Spare # Starting at left front tire, place Re-learn Magnet over valve stem. Within approximately 5 seconds, vehicle horn will chirp indicating training complete for that particular sensor. Remove the magnet. # Repeat step (6) on remaining sensors as indicated by EVIC until all five TPM sensors positions are trained. # Once EVIC displays "TRAINING COMPLETE", pressing either STEP, C/T, RESET or MENU button will exit training routine.

2008-11-11 20:52:20
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Q: How do you retrain the tire pressure sensors on a 2004 jeep liberty limited?
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