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Call your cell phone from the landline. When it diverts to voicemail, press the # key on your landline and follow the simple instructions

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2008-12-25 05:26:46
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Q: How do you retreive your voice messages from a metro pcs phone using landline?
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Can metro get phone messages?

yes because i text all the time on a metro phone and it is fun

How do you get voice messages from a tracfone mailbox with a landline phone?

I have voice messages in my tracfone mailbox. I would like to listen and delete these messages using my land line phone. HOW

How do you access voice mail when calling your cell phone from a landline?

Call your 10 digit cell phone number from the landline and when your voicemail starts playing press the * or # to interrupt the greeting and it will take you in to your messages.

Can you send or receive a text message at home using a cordless phone?

You can receive text messages on a landline phone, but you cannot send them.

What does it mean when you cant see your outbox messages on your metro pcs freeform?

you need a new phone

Does a landline phone need a phone jack to work?

Yes. otherwise it would not be a landline phone.

Can you track text messages and calls on a metro phone?

Yes, you can. Metro is the same as any other phone company. You just have to google " tracking phone messagings and calls" and a bunch of websites should come up. Hope this Helps, (:

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Why should I have a landline phone service is I have a cell phone?

A landline phone could be used for when your cell phone signal goes out and for emergencies in the household.

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a home phone is a landline so a landilne number would be a home phone number

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