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Use this class: Or if you have trouble with that, look through some of the other classes under the "database" category on that site. -DJ Craig

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Q: How do you retrieve a date field from MS Access through PHP?
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What are the data type available for Access table field?

Access Data Types are : Autonumber, Memo Text, Number, Yes/No, date/time, OLE object, Hyperlink, Currency.

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What are access data types?

The data type of a database field determines the possible values that that field can hold. When you create a field in MS Access and assign it the Date/Time data type, than that field can only hold date and time values like 04-11-2008 17:51. When you assign the Number data type and set the field length to "Long integer" that field can only hold whole numbers. Text, Number and Date are the most common data types in Access. A more exotic data type is the Attachment data type, which can hold files or the Calculated data type which can hold a formula that calculates a result based on values from other fields.

Can a field in a table have many data types in access?

An individual field can only be of one data type. There are many data types to choose from, like date, text, number and others.

How do you get just the year number in a query in Microsoft Access 2010?

Use the YEAR function, which can extract the year of a date. If your field was DOB in the query you'd have MONTH(DOB) in the field row of the query.

Can the date published serve as a primary key in access?

Technically, you could, but you probably shouldn't. Primary key fields are meant to uniquely identify each record in a table and they are meant to allow for quick searching. These are two reasons why it is generally not a good idea to use a Date/Time field as a primary key.The chance is small, but two records could be inserted at exactly the same date and time, resulting in an error, because Access (and databases in general) doesn't allow for the insertion of two identical primary keys.Secondly, most databases are better at searching through numeric id's than through dates.It is better to use the AutoNumber ID that Access automatically provides when you create a new table and just add a Date/Time field to your table. If for some reason you want the dates in your table to be unique, you can set the Indexed value to Yes (No duplicates) in the Field Properties at the bottom of the screen in your table's Design view.

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What are the Access data types and how they are used?

In Access and in databases in general each field in a database table is of a certain data type. The data type determines what type of data a field can hold. A field of the text data type can hold text, a field of the number data type can hold numbers and a field of the data/time data type can hold date and time values.Access actively checks what type of data is entered into a field and Access will disallow the entry of data into a field that doesn't conform to the field's data type. Access won't allow you to put text into a field of the Number data type, for example.So, data types are a way to restrict the entry of data into a field. Internally, the database uses different strategies for the storage and retrieval of different data types.

What are expressions in Microsoft Access?

They are like formulas that can be built into Access, often on a form or a query in order to calculate something. In general in databases, anything that can be calculated from other data should not be in a field. For example, if you have the date of birth stored in a field then you should never have the age stored. The age can always be calculated from the date of birth and be accurate at all times. An age changes every year, but the date of birth never does. You would do that calculation by using an expression. If you have the amount of hours worked and the rate of pay, then you can calculate the actual wage at any time, so that does not need to be stored either, and it can be calculated through an expression. So expressions are very useful for doing things in Access.

What is data type in MS Access?

A data type in MS Access (and in databases in general) is a property of a field that determines what type of data the field can hold. Most databases have data types for whole numbers, for numbers with fractions, for very large numbers, for small texts, for large texts and for date and time values. Access (2010) has 12 data types of which a couple are used very frequently, like Text, Memo, Number, Currency and Date/Time.

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In how many ways can you retrieve the date in the result set of MySQL using PHP?

If you store MKTIME or date("z") then there are unlimited ways.Simply usedate("d/m/Y",$mymktime);With anything at the beginning for the format.

If a contract is dated 'through' a certain date does it include that date?

Yes it would be inclusive of that date until 12:01 am (after midnight) on that date.

What is the use of null in database?

Sometimes, a particular field in a database row has a value that is either unknown or undefined. An example might be the termination date of an employee who is still employed by the company. A date field would not accept any value that was not a valid date but no date has been determined for the field as yet. A null would indicate that.