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My sister bought a used Liberty and had the same issue- not in dire straights, but looking to that possibility in the future (actually NEEDING the spare with a lock and no key). I tried using ViseGrips to no avail- the lock's material is simply too hard to allow the visegrips to get a bite. SO, here's the answer: Find an open-end wrench that is only SLIGHTLY smaller than the outside diameter of the lock. I can't remember what size we used, but it's pretty large, maybe 15/16, something like that. Cover the back end of the Liberty with a large dropcloth or towels. You might even wet them down (keep reading). Take a small handheld grinder and grind two flat spots on the wheel lock that correspond with the jaws on your open end wrench. Take your time, compare often, and viola- it's off. Of course you have to have the tools, or know someone who does, but it's not as daunting as it may sound. Good luck.

I had this problem as well. All it took was a trip to the dealership and about $35 to have the lock replaced.

AnsswerI also had this problem, but i used a small pipe wrench.

I took mine to a tire store, the guy used an impound drill and took it off for $5. I also heard you could hammer a cheap socket into the key until you get enough bite to pull it off. I've never tried it though. $5 bucks was worth the trouble.

Piece of cake...just take a 3/4 inch combination wrench and tap the round end over the nut with a hammer. Once it grabs sufficiently just twist off. When done, tap the lock out of the wrench and it will be still sound to use again...if you want to cough up the 35 bucks at the dealership at your leisure for a new key...or replace with a standard lug nut. Try this before reaching for the dremel.

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Q: How do you retrieve spare tire on a Jeep Liberty without the 'key'?
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