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you cant return to any town or lithouse from golden sun 1 sorry =(

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โˆ™ 2008-10-07 15:18:26
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Q: How do you return to Vale in Golden Sun 2?
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Where do you get the ability Force in Golden Sun 2?

you have to do a transfer with golden sun 1 after that you will get the force gem

How do you get an airship in golden sun 2?

Light the Jupiter lighthouse. when you return to your ship it will have wings attached to it and you can use it to ply over love obstacles.

What video game has the longest password ever?

Definitely the password in the Golden Sun 2.. Although you can transfer files from Golden Sun to Golden Sun 2 , the password is a more direct approach and the Golden Password contains about 256 characters!

Where are the golden clovers in pixie hollow?

there are 2 golden clovers in each spring meadow. which are... Dewdrop Vale, Neverberry Thicket, Springtime Orchard, Cherryblossom Heights and Treetop Bend.

What is the golden ratio in a sun flower?

The Golden Ratio is [1 + sqrt(5)]/2.

How do you trasfer your golden sun file to golden sun 2?

You must clear the first Golden Sun game then you use the R and L buttons to get to a special page where you are able to transfer data. Finally you require a cable that is able to link your SP/GBA to another SP/GBA that has the Golden Sun 2 in it's slot.Finally you can transfer the data.

Are there Gameshark codes for golden sun?

For Golden Sun 1 and 2 there are gameschark codes. I'm not sure if there are any for the 3rd game but i think so.

How do you save babi in golden sun?

You can't. His death is vital to Golden Sun 2. The only way to save Babi is to hack the game, which is illegal.

Is the golden sun series over?

Probably not. The Creators said Golden Sun 1&2 were intended to be a prequel to the actual story. Now they released Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and the ending of it suggests that it isn't over yet.

What do you get if you transfer your Golden Sun data to Golden Sun the Lost Age?

after transfering data, your golden sun 2 will get the items that your golden sun 1 have and if your golden sun 1 is not very good or strong i suggest you train on it or you use password instead. you might like to search online for password which is what i did on my lousier account or my new one and i spend alot of time trying to get my password right and got good items

What are the ratings and certificates for Empires Egypt's Golden Empire - 2001 Pharaohs of the Sun 1-2?

Empires Egypt's Golden Empire - 2001 Pharaohs of the Sun 1-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How do you get frost on golden sun book 2?

when Piers joins your team he'll have that ability already....or, if you transfer data from you golden sun when you meet up with Isaac they will have a frost gem

When was Jack Vale born?

Jack Vale was born on September 2, 1973, in Lodi, California, USA.

How do you get gold password to send everything to golden sun to golden sun 2?

When u finished the first game of Golden Sun, go to the main menu and hold L+R+left and press B. a new option should appear where u can get bronze, silver and gold transfer codes.

Where can you get force skill in golden sun 2?

You need to complete golden sun 1 and transfer the save over to golden sun 2. This will grant the player the "Orb of Force" which has the psyenergy ablity force. This is required to unlock several side areas in the game.

When did Eugene Vale die?

Eugene Vale died on May 2, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Who will be the villains in Golden Sun Ds?

*SPOILER* The villains in Golden Sun DS are Blados and Chalice (of the Tuaparang). they aren't encountered or mentioned in the first 2 games. another villain is Alex, which calls himself Arcanus now.

How old is Jack Vale?

YouTube prankster Jack Vale is 43 years old (born September 2, 1973).

When was Vale Anoai born?

Vale Anoai was born on May 2, 1985, in Staten Island, New York, USA.

What is the place vale of 2 in 729?

It is 20 which is twenty

What does vale mean in spanish language?

1) vale can mean OK. e.g. Limpia el coche, vale? - Clean the car, ok? 2) vale can also mean cost. From the verb valer - to cost. e.g. Cuanto vale? - How much does it cost? 3) You can also use vale to describe a person. e.g. Juan vale mucho - Juan's a great guy. Visit this site to know more Source(S):

Do you need to have Golden Sun 2 in order to play Golden Sun DS?

Nope, to play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn you only need the game and a DS. it is probably more fun if you also played Golden Sun2: The Lost Age. ME: I did play it! XD Of Course! It's just that I don't have the game anymore and the 2 gameboy games could connect to each other-well i dont wanna talk alot but u get the point! XD So I was just asking:P Thnks fer the answer :D

Why do you need the roc feather in golden sun dark dawn?

Hello, You don't need it in golden sun dark dawn, It is a quest item for the next game. Just like the shaman rod in the first 2 games. I hope this answered ur qeustion. :)

What are the release dates for Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go - 2004 The Sun Riders Return 2-6?

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go - 2004 The Sun Riders Return 2-6 was released on: USA: 19 March 2005

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