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Make sure ur pool is chlorinated often cause that kills them and they also bite


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Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

Yes they can also live in the Ocean, But they cannot stay in a properly balanced pool for long They seem to survive in salt water pools for their normal "season" refardless of water balance or condition. They do not appear to be harmful and can only be made to disappear with a chemical product that is hazadous to humans.

They fly. If you see them failry close up, they have a small set of wings and can fly. They come into the pool looking for food such as algae.

i need to know how to get rid of green water

The use of the metal trap filters helps get rid of iron in the pool water. A product like the Liquid MetalTrap which works with a wide variety of pH will be able to get rid of the iron in the pool water.

I have them in my pool. I have trouble finding information about them on the internet, but I believe they are called water boatmen. I believe they are harmless.

they're are called water boatmen and are harmless but fun to watch

The water can be drained outwith a hose.

Salt water pools are in fact chlorine pools part of the salt is turned into chlorine by the salt water chlorinater If it works in a normally chlorinated pool it should also work in a salt water pool. However you should check if there is any metallic ingredient like copper in it as these are not recommended in salt water pools.

Water boatmen eat algae and aquatic plants.

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

Water boatmen believe is the family Corixidae. These insects are flat, boat-shaped and long. These insects are not dangerous.

No, water boatmen are insects.

u just clean the pool or buy a new one

You buy a swimming pool net and scoop them out.

They can both fly and swim. thy fly into your pool from outside.

I think that watre boatmen just eat the pond water but i dont think my answer is right because im only a kid

== == * I think what you are seeing is what we here call "boatmen." Once in a while, I find one or two in my pool, and I scoop them up and kill them. And they also bite and are tricky swimmers. I've noticed that if I'm low on my chlorine, they're around. In which case, I add more immediately. They actually live around ponds, etc., but I have a large body of water in the back yard. == == * These are water boatmen; they do bite, and yes, they can fly. Adding a non-foaming algaecide to your pool will get rid of them. They create an air bubble around themselves to breathe under water; the algaecide takes the oxygen out of the water (which is how it kills off algae) so that they cannot create the air bubble. If they can't breathe under water, they will leave! == == * If they bite they are most likely back swimmers, which look like boatmen but swim on their back. Bug out will kill them, unless you have a pebble-tec pool, I can't find anything that works.

Water boatmen do not bite humans. the suck juices from plants and algae. They also eat minute aquatic organisms such as mosquito larvae.

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No, water boatmen are not decomposers. Most species are herbivorous and eat plants by injecting digestive enzymes into them and then sucking the plant material into their mouths.

Make sure your chemicals are balanced and add a clarifier available at your pool supply dealer.

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