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You get rid of negative thoughts from changing the image of your self in your mind.

The reason you have a negative mind is because you see yourself in your mind as a negative person. Change that picture from negative to positive.

Here is the tips

1. Take 5 - 10 deep breathes and relax fully. Then see yourself in your mind as confident, happy and in control of your life. See this a vivid as you can. Do this for a couple of mintues. the longer the better. By doing this you are manually changing who you are to who you want to become. It takes about 10 - 20 days. do this every morning and everynight!

Remember practice makes perfect to go head and do it!

P.S: since you have been programmed to think negative for so long, your mind wont give up with out a fight, so remember keep practicing!! It may bit a difficult at first but the reward is priceless.

2. Start talking to yourself in a positive manner. Speak to yourself with positivity

examples: I like myself, i love myself, i am a success, I am happy, I love my family, I am confident, i am going to a millionaire, What ever i do touches to gold, etc!

This is guaranteed to work!

As far as your home im not too sure what you can do, but with positive mind, you have a positive home also!!!

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