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The four most common measurements are:

  • center-to-center from bottom bracket to top tube, measured along the seat tube
  • center-to-top from bottom bracket to end of seat tube
  • top tube length measured center-to-center from seat tube to head tube
  • or, for bikes with sloping top tubes, a virtual top tubeis given, measured from center of head tube to where the center of the seat tube would be for a horizontal top tube

For some reason, road bikes are sized in cm while MTBs are traditionally sizes in inches.

Then there is a bunch of other measurements, chain stay length, head tube length, seat tube angle, and head tube angle.

You also have the diameters, Head tube inner diameter, seat tube inner diameter, bottom bracket threading/diameter. Use a vernier caliper

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Q: How do you ride a 24 inch bike?
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About 4'8-5'1.

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What is the purpose of a bike with 24 inch wheels?

More than one type of bike can have 24" wheels. Some DH MTBs(downhill mountainbikes will have that, and some trials bikes. It can also be the last size available as a kid's bike. It can even be a compromise for someone who wants a folding bike with decent ride characteristics.

Can a 5ft 8 inch person ride a street bike?

yes if hes not fat

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Depends more on what type of gears that you have than it does on the size of the wheels. If the gear levers are the same type as on a bigger bike the 24 inch bike will shift just the same way.

What age is a 20.5 bmx bike for?

Depends what size you are im 5 feet 10 and i ride a 20 inch bmx bike

How much does a bike peddle for a bike with a 24 inch wheel?

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Pacific 24 inch womens quicksilver mountain bike?

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What five eights of a 24 mile bike ride?

5/8 of 24 miles is 15 miles.

What inseam size range for a child corresponds to a 16 inch bike?

The in-seam size which corresponds to that of a 16 inch bike for a child is 30 inches. When purchasing a bike, you must ensure you measure yourself correctly to ensure the most comfortable ride for you.

Where can one purchase a 24 inch BMX?

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Is a mountain bike harder to ride than a regular bike?

Mountain bikes have a taller scale than 20 inch bikes, but are better suited for outdoor ruggedness.