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There are 6 positions in volleyball as well as 6 rotations to correspond with the positions.

In simple terms: There is one player in each position. After you side out (earn the point after the other team serves), you earn possession of the ball and you must rotate. The player in position 1 (serving position) now moves to position 6. Position 6 moves to 5, 5 to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, and 2 to 1 (player who will now serve). You remain in the position you just rotated to until you side out again (this requires you to lose the serve, and once again win a point off of the other team's serve).

In more complex terms: There are 6 rotations that revolve around the position of the setter. If the setter is in "Rotation 1" he/she is in position 1. all of the other players fill in the remaining spots on the court based on position. Outside hitter #1 would be in position 2, Middle Hitter #1 in position 3, Opposite side hitter in position 4, Outside Hitter #2 in position 5, and Middle Hitter #2 (most likely a libero) in position 6. When the setter moves to "rotation 2" he/she is now in position 6. The other positions rotate as well. So now the setter is in 6, OH 1 is in 1, MH 1 is in 2, OH 2 is in 4, MH 2 is in 5. The rotaions move around all the positions in the direction you rotate (clockwise). So when you say the setter is in rotation 5, he/she is in position 3. In rotation 6 the setter is in position 2. This is the exact same thing as the simpler explanation except I'm just detailing where each designated position would be and how the formation works.

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Which direction you rotate in volleyball?

You rotate clockwise before a serve.

What way on a volleyball court rotate?

When rotating in volleyball, you rotate clockwise into each of the six positions.

What direction do you rotate in the game volleyball?

you rotate left

On a school volleyball team do you have to rotate?

In every official volleyball game you must rotate including school games

Which direction do you rotute when you play volleyball?

You rotate clockwise in volleyball.

Which way do you rotate in volleyball clockwise or counterclockwise?

You rotate in a clockwise fashion

In what direction do you rotate in volleyball?


Which direction do you rotate in volleyball?


What way do you rotate in volleyball?


How is the rotataion in volleyball?

you rotate clockwise

Must you rotate in volleyball?


In volleyball do you rotate clockwise?

yes u do!

What direction do you rotate on the volleyball court?


Where can the server serve from?

In volleyball when does the team rotate

In volleyball which way do you rotate?

To the Left. If you are standing in the serving position you rotate into the middle-back. This is how it is for my team.

What is the meaning of 'shift' in volleyball?


Which direction does the back row rotate in volleyball?

To the left.

In volleyball which way does the serving team rotate?


What is the difference between beach volleyball and regular volleyball?

Beach volleyball has two players per team and doesn't rotate. Oh, and its in sand :)

In volleyball when does the team rotate?

once its the other team's turn then you wait until it is your team's and that's when you rotate

Do the volleyball players rotate clockwise or counter clockwise?


Does the Liberos player in Volleyball rotate like the rest of the team?


How do you rotate in the game of volleyball?

You rotate in a clockwise direction. If you have more than 6 people on your team, then after you serve and rotate, you rotate out and someone else rotates to the middle back position.

When should a team rotate in volleyball?

The team should rotate every time it is their serve after the other team missed.

When do you roatate the volleyball court?

you rotate when both teams have served once.

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