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they rpovire such great influence

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What is a precious metal used in pollution control devices?


What year did the epa start regulating auto emissions?

1973 first year of pollution control devices

Precious metal used in pollution control devices?

Platinum, a precious metal, is used in catalytic converters.

List and describe three methods of point pollution control?

Point pollution control is environment management, and over the years this area of focus has implemented more than three methods of point pollution control. The more common methods are recycling, minimization of waste, and prevention. For each of these approaches, different control devices are used, such as, sewage treatment and dust collecting.

What has the author Paul Degobert written?

Paul Degobert has written: 'Automobiles and pollution' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Auutomobiles, Environmental aspects, Exhaust gas, Law and legislation, Motors, Pollution control devices

What are the devices used to prevent noise pollution?

There are a great many devices in the world that are used to prevent noise pollution. Mutes and sound-proofing materials on walls are two devices used.

What are the positive aspects of pollution?

It does create some jobs at lower levels to clean up and destroy the wastes or to oppurtunity to manufacture and supply pollution control devices etc etc., but the Cost of pollution is more than the benefits and so the positive aspect is very neglible

What has the author W Addy Majewski written?

W. Addy Majewski has written: 'Diesel emissions and their control' -- subject(s): Motor vehicles, Motors (Diesel), Pollution control devices, Exhaust gas

Why are amphibians good warning devices for water pollution?

because they start to die when there is water pollution and that tells us that there is water pollution

What is meant by control electronics?

Control electronics are devices like remote controls. Control electronics are used to control other electronic devices

Vehicle emissions devices incorporate a chemical reaction to help control carbon monoxide pollution What effect does adding a catalyst have for this reaction?

It produces more carbon monoxide.

What can you do to prevent pollution?

to prevent pollution you could ride your bikes, turn off stuff(electrical devices). by shivansh.r

What is a smoke grenade?

smoke grenades are canister type grenades used as ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling devices, target or landing zone marking devices

What percentage of air pollution is transportation related?

A whopping 44 percent of the pollution is made by transportation devices around the world.

How do government leaders get affected by flying devices... what are the positives and negatives... And how do flying devices affect the enviournment?

Government leaders can get affected by worldwide meetings. Maybe airplane crashes might have to do something with it. Flying devices can cause noise pollution and air pollution.

How many more crashes happen at intersections with traffic control devices than without traffic control devices?


What is the name of the devices fitted in car exhausts to reduce pollution?

Catalytic converter ,

What is the software that control a device?

Drivers are a kind of software that control devices. Operating system needs drivers to understand how to handle devices.

What has the author Joseph Boziuk written?

Joseph Boziuk has written: 'Performance characteristics of 1977 General Motors 350 CID engine' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Pollution control devices, Fuel consumption

What has the author Douglas Andrew written?

Douglas Andrew has written: 'A trainer's companion to advanced automotive emissions systems' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Maintenance and repair, Pollution control devices, Handbooks, manuals

What does tcd stand for?

Traffic Control Devices

How do computers control devices?

though buses

Does every computer needs an operating system to coordinate and control the the operation of hardware?

Of course it does. Everything that has outputs and inputs have a OS. Including phones, gaming devices, and so on.

What actuators does the ECU control?

Some controlled devices by the ECU (ECM) would be, fuel injectors, idle air control (IAC) valve, fuel pump relay, linear EGR solenoid valve, electronic ignition control module, fuel tank vapor pressure sensor, a/c compressor relay, evaporative emissions (EVAP) canister purge solenoid, to name a few.

What is an accurate number of SCSI devices that can be connected on a SCSI bus including the host adapter?

8 devices:)