How do you run a USB Laserwriter 600 on a G3 mac?

Farallon made a device called a Ethermac 10 Base T adapter which will connect to an ethernet port on your computer or network, and to one of the connectors on the back on the Laserwriter 600. Mine is from 1995. The device itself is a small gray box with some lights on it, with a receptacle for an ethernet cord, and an attached cord to plug into the 600. If everything is working right, your printer will show up when you search under "Add Printers". I think the part number is PN 502a. I got mine at Ribbon Recyclers in Williston, VT. He had a box full of them. Hope this helps. Happy new year! Update- We Love Macs has the most current version of this adapter, PN512B Farallon AAUI transceiver to 10base-T $29.95