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From the positive battery cable but you must HAVE A FUSE BLOCK OR A SHORTED WIRE WILL CAUSE A FIRE.

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What is the amps on Honda accord lighter fuse?

Fifteen amps on the Lighter. They're usually the blue ones with '15A' on them.

How do you work out the current going through a cable if you know the watts and volts that go through it?

Basically if you know the Voltage supply and the power used by an appliance then you use the formula for power which is Power = Volts x Amps. Rearrange so Amps (current) = Power / Volts If power was 2400 Watts and Volts was 240 the Current would be 2400 / 240 = 10 Amps

What is power cable size 7.5kW 3 phase motor?

Assuming it is a 400 V three-phase motor, the phase current is 11 amps, or more if the power factor is less than 1.0 (or the supply voltage is different). If it is a 400 V motor the cable should be capable of carrying 16 amps, so a 2.5 mm-sq 4-core cable is needed.

What is the maximum current capacity of 25sqmm DC power?

25 sq. mm. cable should take at least 96 amps, more depending on where it's installed. But if the cable gets warm consistently it is a sign that it is wasting power and it is probably economic to use a thicker cable.

How much capcacity of mm size four core cable well be used in running 1kw three faze motor?

Depends on the type of cable, the method of fixing the cable, the ambient temperature and the way the cable has been run to the motor (i.e in trunking, Conduit) Bascially a cable with a current carry capasity of 2 amps should be fine (1.45 amps with power factor of unity and no de-rating factors). Remember 1mm cable can carry at least 8 amps. Also please improve your English when asking stupid questions!!

What is the cu cable size in 400a load?

A 0.15Cu cable has a rating of 382 amps summer and 476 amps winter. 0.2Cu allows 425/530 amps. That is for outdoor use in overhead lines.

How many amps does a 12volt 2hp motor draw?

124.3 amps. If you have one on a vehicle, for example a winch, use no less tha 00g cable. That is a LOT of power, and an ordinary alternator can't handle that.

How many amps is 32 watts?

The forumla for power is: Power (watts) = Volts x Amps Therefore: Amps = Power/Volts So the answer to your question depends on the voltage in use. @230v: 0.14 Amps @24v: 1.33 Amps @12v: 2.66 Amps

Which has more power amps or volts?

Both of them, you need both amps and volts to get any power. Multiply the amps by the volts, and the answer tells you the power in watts.

What determines the power of an electromagnet volts or amps?

Power determines the power of an electromagnet. Power is equivalent to volts times amps. Power is power.

What wire size should you use for 2000 amps?

4C 400 sq mm copper cable run in parallel. <<>> In North America to obtain feeders for 2000 amps you could use a triple run of 1500 MCM cable that will give you 2115 amps. A quad run of 700 MCM cable that will give you 2080 amps. A parallel run of 5C at 500 MCM cable that will give you 2150 amps. A parallel run of 6C at 350 MCM cable that will give you 2100 amps. Over that I have never seen lugs that will carry more that 6 conductors.

What is the unit of power that is equal to volts x amps?

Power=Volts x Amps Unit for power is watts

How big a wire do you need for 6 amps?

The wire can be as big as you want to carry 6 amps. As a comparison, the smallest home wiring power circuit uses a #14 size wire and it is rated for 15 amps. In the UK a wire of 0.75 sq. mm is rated at 6 amps for portable appliances with occasional use. For a permanent installation a cable of 1 sq. mm. or more should be used. House wiring uses 2.5 sq. mm cable in a ring circuit to supply power sockets.

What is cable size for 12 amps?

what is cable size for 12 amp load for 3 hours

What is the current amp of 150sqmm aluminum cable?

445 amps. For example Mulberry AAAC cable.

Why is it dangerous to pass to much current through the mains cable?

Current or AMPS are what the appliance draws or load of the appliance. So, if you have a say 10,000 amps going thru a cable rated for say 1,000 amps , guess what ,the cable over heats and either will melt or at least catch fire.

What size of cable is needed for 1000 amps?

A parallel run of 750 MCM AWG conductors will handle 1000 amps. if we want 1000amps to flow, 250sqmm cable is enough.

How many amps is the standard alternator in a 2000 Honda accord 4-cylinder?

Autozone says it's an 80 amp alternator. I don't know if this is the max it should put out or the average. I'm guessing the max.

For 100kw which cable size is good and how to find out cable size?

100 kw is the power drawn by the load. to calculate the cable size you need to know the voltage. From that you can calculate the current. this decides the cable size. for example if the voltage is 400Volts then the current flowing in the circuit when the load is 100 KW will be 250 amps. (100,000/400). for 250 amps to flow with out causing excessive heating of the cable the cross sectional area of the copper cable should be 150 sq mm.for a round cross section the diameter will be roughly 15mm.

Power for a computer how many amps does it take to run a computer monitor and computer?

The power required to run a basic computer will be 1.35 amps for startup and .7 to .9 amps continuous. The power requirements to run an 17" monitor will be 3.5 amps startup and 1.5 amps continuous.

How many amps does a sound system use?

amps like.. amplifiers? it depends on how many speakers you have. or amps like.. current draw? again. depends on your power needs, your power amps... ect

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