How do you run fundraising golf tournament?

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Avoid a sit down dinner afterward. Most people are ready to leave when they are finished, as they have already given a great deal of time. Get most of your money up front in the entry fees, as those are often paid for by employers rather than out of pocket by the golfers that day. Also avoid any expenses that are disconnected to the event that day (i.e. a band).
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Is a fundraising poker tournament legal?

It all depends on the state. In states where the law is Prize, Chance, and Consideration then it is illegal. If you take one of the three out then it is legal. In states where

What is a golf tournament purse?

This is the amount of official money, than is shared between the players, depending on their finish.

How does a pro am golf tournament work?

Each team is made of one amateur and one professional golfer. The professional golfer plays with no handicap as usual, but the amateur gets strokes from their handicap. The st

What is the international golf tournament?

The Ryder Cup is the international competition that is probably being referred to. Most tournaments are pretty international as it is with competitors from all over the world
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Can you change golf balls in a golf tournaments?

You can change golf balls in a tournament. As long it is on different holes or the ball is unfit for play, (like if it hit the cart path and was scratched.) But if it was unfi