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im ghetto.this is a cheap yet effective way that I found for my G-ride, kinda a pain in the @**. i pulled off/out the rubber sleeve with the wire-harness (spinal chord) to the engine side of the wall so i could drill a hole just barely above the harness hole through the fire wall.Carefull not to hit the harness!! the New wires almost share the harness hole-allthought it does almost share the rubber seal.. like i said, it was a pain cuz theres not alot of room to work(do NOT do on a very hot day) but job complete with some electrical tape and silicone seal and i have 8 gauges to my sound/AMPS for some serious NOISE.. that's good country craftmanship there!
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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:17:18
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Q: How do you run your 1000wt amp power cables through the fire wall of 1991 caprice?
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can i put a 350 rocket that comes out of a 69 cuttless into my 1990 caprice

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