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Saw Palmetto has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in women. Available at any heath store, take two tables morning and night on an empty stomach.

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How does anabolic steroids affect hormones?

Anabolic steroids are converted by your liver to testosterone and other hormones, bypassing your body's glandular production of the hormones. Your hormonal system is a complex chain of checks and balances, so your natural production of testosterone can be greatly reduced, while consuming steroids. This is why steroids are taken in cycles, coming off of the roids to let your natural production resume. IMO, one of the key risk areas is that roids are illegal, so steroid application is typically not administered and monitored by a skilled doctor. Don't take them. Please see my bio for some safer alternatives to boost your test. levels safely and naturally.

Can semen provide testosterone absorption through the vagina?

yes but semen - condom + vagina =crying baby and who wants that? just nut in her mouth or belly. You must be referring to the clams that testosterone absorbed from semen into the vaginal wall triggers an addictive response to sex this is true but requires repeated "administration" for it to take effect. but don't nut in her that is bad news, the internet describes ways to administer testosterone safely into her. help yourself for example mixing a small amounts of raw testosterone into lube

Why when you use parachute the acceleration decrease?

when we use parachute, the wide surface area can decrease the velocity of the fallen object. thus, the drag force will also decrease. consequently, acceleration will be zero when the velocity is constant. finally, the object can land more safely without huge impact.

Which circuit can decrease the fluorescent brightness to the minimum amount?

You need to purchase a Fluorescent dimmer switch, no circuit can dim the brightness of the light safely.

How do you abort 3 months pregnancy naturally in India?

Past 9 weeks it can only be done safely by a surgical abortion performed by a doctor.

Can you swim safely in a pool with too much chlorine?

That depends on the levels, however with high levels of chlorine when the sun is shining, it can burn the skin. There would have to be extreme elevated levels for that to occur, but it is possible. The real problem would be getting it in your eyes. It's best to stay out of it, until levels have returned to normal range.

Can cats fall safely from high above?

Yes, they can. Actually they can't fall from seven story buildings but can from eight. This is because the time in which it takes them to fall seven levels is not enough for them to turn their body around so that their feet can land on the ground. However eight levels are enough for them to twist and turn their bodies so they can land safely on the ground.

What are the rules for safely disposing of nuclear waste?

The main four rules are:avoiding the exposure of public to unaccepted radiation levelsto be isolated from underground waterto be away from unaccepted seismic levelsto be not accessible and/or reachable by public

One defensive driving tip for dealing with road conditions is to decrease following distance?

Your ability to drive safely can be impaired by use of certain over-the-counter drugs.

What is the comparative and superlative of safely?

comparative of safely is more safely and the superlative form is most safely

Where can you buy cinnamomum subavenium oil?

Scientist are still performing studies and tests, to cinnamomum subavenium's toxicity, and safety levels. Hopefully it will safely hit the market soon, because many of us are waiting in anticipation of this new way of lightening skin SAFELY!

What is the white layer on Brie cheese?

It's an edible mold that grows naturally on the cheese. I never remove it but some people do; it can safely be eaten and actually enhances the flavors of the cheese.

Is it ok to apply makeup after applying aloevera gel?

Yes. It's actually a good idea to do it you have sensitive skin; it can also be used to naturally & safely remove your eye makeup.

SA36 and A36 are same?

SA36 would have more traceability and QA requirements, and as a result can be used safely at slightly higher stress levels. But physically, they are the same.

How do you spell safely?


What is comparative of safely?

more safely

What is the superlative for safely?

most safely

What is a sentence using the word safely?

They returned safely to Earth. He was unable to safely cross the street.

Is safely an adverb?

yes, it modifies a verb, e.g. He arrived safely.

Where is testosterone stored?

Testosterone isn't stored anywhere you are constantly producing T. The amount you produce depends on how active you are throughout the day. Squats, bench press and deadlift are a few exercises that boost your T. These are strenuous lifts and you will exert more T throughout your body. Keep your lifts to a max of 12 reps..on your last set you should barely be able to get the last rep up. Stack em heavy and lift safely.

Is safely a word?

Yes. I can drive a car safely.

How can you use medicines safely?

How can you use medicines safely

What does animal safely mean?

How to safely deal with animals.

What pills help a man bulk up really fast?

Nothing safe. Steroids are very dangerous and illegal to use. Take your time and exercise safely and you will "bulk up" naturally and look better as well.

How do you use safely in a sentence?

You should always drive safely.