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If you are going to repaint then all you have to do is "buff it up" so you take the shine off the old paint. If it's a wood door and you want it right down to the wood then you are going to have to use an electric sander (fine grit sandpaper) and do the major part of it and then hand sand (fine grit) any grooves the door may have. Seal it and stain it.

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Q: How do you sand paint off a door?
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Sentences for the word hinges?

Before I could sand and paint the door, I had to take it off its hinges. ---------------------------- The decision to repaint the house hinges on whether the paint we want is on special. ----------------------------

Can you sand paint off the walls?


Can you paint a garage roller door?

yes you can. you just have to make sure to paint only the door. and if there is any paint on it already you may need to sand it down first.

Can you paint the interior of front door?

Yes, you can indeed paint the interior of a front door. It is best to sand the door and then use a primer before painting it in the desired color.

How do you get paint off of glasses?

Try sand paper.

How much does it cost to refinish a door?

It depends on the door size interior/exterior or kitchen cabinet and also what is on it, paint or varnish. With those questions in mind, to strip an interior door at our shop costs about $200 to strip off paint and about $400 more if we sand stain and finish.

How do you sand Stian paint and paint the door a sami gloss paint?

Go over the door lightly with 100 grit sandpaper. Apply a coat of interior/exterior primer. Then you can apply any paint you desire.

What do you need to do to peeling paint?

Scrub it all off, sand the surface and paint a primer first.

How do you fix paint that has run?

Unfortunately, you have to sand off the run then paint it again. Depending on the paint type, you should use emery paper and keep it wet while you sand.

What to do with a painted outside door that is peeling?

scrape the peely paint off and then re-paint it

How do you prepare a door for painting?

If you can take the hardware off the door and the door right off the frame. If you can't then use masking tape and tape all the hardware. Door knobs can be taken right off (2 screws on each side.) If there is existing paint on the door and it looks OK and is the same type of paint you are planning on using (oil on oil or latex on latex ... water based paint) then you don't need to sand. If the door is in bad shape with a few little holes, heavy scratches, etc., then it's best to give the door a good sanding first and then be sure you wash off the dust with soapy water and it's dry if you are using oil based paint (you don't have to worry about the door being damp if you are using latex paint.) Marcy

How do you remove oil based paint from wood?

I usually sand it off.

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