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Let me tell you, If she's got a penis of any size she is not a girl.


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Most women are3 satisfied with the average 6 inch penis.

No they would think your not hot although i have a 6 inch hooray for me

Ya a wamoan is usually really satisfied by a 6-inch penis,because 6-inches is how deep a woman really needs to have pleasure.

No. It really needs to be about 6 inches or more

is that a trick question? HELLO! you have a 6 inch dick!!!

yes a 6 inch penis is perfectly normal

y not! even the average and adequate size to satisfy a woman is 6". k. don't worry be ahppy and let your penis enjoy.

If the relationship is OK, any penis will do. If the relationship is rocky, no penis will save it.

No, the average penis length is 5-6 inches.

It doesn't matter size dude, it matters how you are in bed.

LMFAO:') and because a vagina is only about 5/6 inches:L

The vagina is only 5 to 6 inches deep. Most of the feeling a girl gets from intercourse comes from the external area of the vagina being stimulated by the penis shaft; either by it rubbing the clitoris, the widening sensation, or a combination of both. There isn't much satisfaction brought from the deep penetration, as the nerves inside the vaginal cavity aren't as sensitive. So it's not really about the size of your penis, but more about how you use it. A man with a 3 inch erect penis can certainly satisfy a woman if he knows how !

Yes it is To tell you the truth any penis size id good as long as you know how to use it! a 4 inch penis can he better than a 6 inch if the person knows how to use it

Depends on the woman but it can.

They may like the appearance, but most research has suggested that other than in pornos, large or long penis is NOT more satisfying in intercourse. Most men fall into the 4-6 inch range, and can completely satisfy a woman, if she's into it.

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

No, the average size of a penis is 6 inch when erected for an adult. You will be growing for several years more.

peter girffin has a 6 inch penis while bradd pitt only has a 4 inch penis

The square root of penis is 2 inches divided by the contracting insid ethe penis. its the one of a kind 6 inch penis.

Be happy with what you have, but yes it is pretty big ;)

5" will be an average penis length. It will do to satisfy your partner. But some have more than 5" and upto 9". The length really doesn't matter. Main thing is to satisfy your partner by mentally and physically.6 in.

Well my hair showed at age 11 and I had a 4 inch penis. Now at age 14 I have a 6 inch penis. A few years.

The average human penis for adults is from 5.5 to 6 inches.

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