How do you save an unconscious drowning person?

First thing you do is to shout for help. You can continue to shout till you get the help. Meanwhile you have to do resuscitation measures to save the patient. You have to clear the air way first. You compress the the chest by the side of thorax. Some water may come out. You can take out the water by keeping the patient on side way. Then you should extend the neck of the patient to straighten the airway. Lift the jaw and give mouth to mouth breathing. Then palpate the carotid pulse. If the heart has stopped, you compress the chest to produce the compression of the heart. Effective compression will produce the pulsation. The ribs are almost invariably fractured by this maneuver. You give four chest compressions to one mouth breathing. When you have assistant to help you both the jobs can be done by two persons. You can continue the resuscitation on your way to hospital in ambulance also.