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first you need to export it... just go to file--->Export or type command+E

Next Select you resolution, i would recommend Large, Name your project, tell it where to save it, hit export and let iMovie do the rest.

After just drag the file into your flash drive, if you didn't save it there, and your done.

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How can you save a project on imovie?

The great thing about imovie is that you DONT save. It saves automatically.

How do you put a video clip from youtube into imovie?

You have to save it to a flash drive and render it into the part of the movie you want

How do you save to a usb flash drive?

how do u save downloado a flash drive

How can you download and save it to flash drive?

you change the folder you want to save it to. when it ask you were you want to save it you change to your flash drive

How do you download your project on to your memory stick?

click save as and click on my documents, your flash drive will be shown as a removable device.

Why won't imovie let me save any of my edits?

iMovie doesn't have a 'Save' function. It saves automatically when you close the program. You'll find when you re-open your project, the edits you made will be there.

How do you save an iMovie from your email?

you have to have imovie on your device to be able to save it.

How do you load pictures onto a flash drive from computer?

save pics to your computer file, then plug in flash drive and save into that file.

Can you save Halo 3 maps on a flash drive?

... no, halo 3, believe it or not... is on XBOX 360 you cant save to flash drive.

How do you change Raw formatted flash drive into a FAT32 flash drive and there isn't any information on the flash drive to save?

simply reformat

How do you download video on an 8GB flash drive?

In the same way you do when you download movie on your hard drive. Save or Save as... choose folder on your flash drive, press OK.

Can you save music to a flash drive?

Yes you can.

How do you save a picture on a computer and open it on a different computer?

Easy! get a flash-drive, save it, and load it on another computer. P.S get flash-drive from Staples.

How do you upload a PowerPoint onto your flash drive?

1. first put your flash drive in the computer or laptop 2. then go to your power point and click on save as 3.on your flash drive it will have a symbol or a colour to match your flash drive on it and then click on save then it will upload

How do you put a word document on a flash drive?

You save your document to your desktop or to where you can find it, once you do that you drag it to your flash drive file and it will download in to it and there you go its on your flash drive.

How can you download an Xbox 360 game onto a flash drive?

Save it to your downloads folder, desktop, etc. Then just insert a flash drive and drag it onto the flash drive icon. Or copy it to the flash drive.

How do you save things to your flash drive?

To save things to your flash drive, insert your flash drive into the computer. Go to My Documents, and right click the file. You will be taken to a menu that will include "Send to". Click this, and tell the computer to send the file to the destination that has USB in it, and you've saved something to your flash drive.

How do you upload a program to a flash drive?

When you click on the program to download it, you are given the option "save" or "save as". Click 'save as' and then click on the name of the flash drive (usually either E, F or G.

Can you save your Wayward game onto a flash drive to be used on another computer?

It is possible to save your Wayward game onto a flash drive. To do it you must use the Save/Load feature in the game.

Can you save the Google Chrome to a flash-drive so that you can install it in another computer?

You can download the setup of the Chrome. Save it in the flash drive, and install it another computer.

How do you take photos from facebook and put them on a flash drive?

right click and save the photo to your computer then upload it to the flash drive

How do you download a PowerPoint from Google Docs on a flash drive?

First, save your presentation to your desktop, and from there you can click and drag it to your flash drive.

How do you move photos from memory card to flash drive?

You hook up your digital camera to the computer using a USB cable. You save the pictures on your camera to the computer. Then you unplug the digital camera and plug in your flash drive. You then save the pictures to the flash drive.

How would you compare and contrast a hard drive and a flash drive?

both save up memory on your computer but if you have a flash drive then you can carry it around and use it on other computers. but a hard drive has a lot of free space to save stuff

What kind of flash drive do you need to save items from Windows Vista?

Any type of Flash drive can be used in Windows Vista.

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