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He doesn't trust you any more, and why should he? Perhaps you can use this as an opportunity to learn morality... but you won't, will you. He's right to not trust you any more. That's what normal people do, they expect fidelity in a relationship. Perhaps you learned too much about morality from the freaks in Hollywood. There's a good place to learn morality. ANSWER: From a guy: Let's consider the worst case scenario in assuming that by "cheating", you mean you had sex with his best friend. I'll also assume you're having sex with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend's pride is probably greatly hurt because he probably thought he was a good or great lover and making you sexually satisfied, so he's probably feeling very angry and inferior. Tell him that you still love him and if the reason you had sex with his best friend is because you were maybe feeling sexually deprived or wanted to have sex with one other guy in your life because you need strong reassurance that you're a sexually attractive and capable girl or woman, tell him that too. And tell him everybody's cheating nowadays, anyway. Tell him he's probably going to become a cheater, too, someday, and that you'll forgive him! -Usually four years is pretty drastic. However, if you're REALLY lucky and he REALLY can't live without you and you some how make it to where he no longer believes you were a total fake and he can trust you again, then there's an oppurtunity. But mainly it all depends on the guy. :/

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Q: How do you save the relationship when you date a guy you've liked for 4 years then make a mistake by cheating on him with his best friend?
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