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It depends on several factors not listed. Im going to assume you have wood floors with vinyl that was installed over the top of the wood? And im going to assume that you removed the vinyl and found wood floors but have vinyl glue spread all over.

Ok.. here are my thoughts and possible solutions.

First off is this is going to take alot of work most likely. So be prepared.

2nd, there are several factors you need to know. Is the wood a solid hardwood floor? Or is it an engineered wood floor. That is is the wood built like plywood.

If its a solid wood floor, i would try using a sponge to damping the glue residue with hot water. Remember all wood floors are extremely sensitive to moisture. And possible water damage may occur. However most vinyl glues are water based and can be released with hot water. I would use a stiff bristle plastic scrub brush.

If this doesnt work, you will need to sand and refinish the wood floors. which would make them look brand new again.

If you have an engineered floor, the scrubbing may work, however not all engineered floors can be sanded as the top ply of wood can be less than 1/8th thick and a sander could sand too much and destroy the wood.

Remember that if you try the water that you want the glue damp, not wet. you do not want the wood to soak up water.

Ive been a flooring installer for 10 years, im 25 years old and own my own buisiness, and am the 4th generation flooring installer in my family with a combined experience of over 150 years.

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Q: How do you save your wood floors that have linoleum glue on them?
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