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The Portuguese equivalent of the English greeting 'Happy Christmas' is the following: Boas Festas; Feliz Natal; or Natal Alegre. The Portuguese pronunciation is the following: BOH-uhsh FEH-shtuhsh; FEH-lee ZNAH-tow*; and nah-TOW* ah-LEH-gree. The word-by-word translation is the following: 'boas' means 'good'; 'festas' 'celebrations' or 'feasts'; 'feliz' 'happy' but rendered as 'merry'; 'natal' 'Christmas'; 'alegre' 'happy'. The first and third greetings tend to be found in Brazil. The second greeting tends to be found in Portugal. *The sound is like the 'ow' in the English word 'how'.

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Feliz Natal is how you say Happy Christmas in Portuguese.

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Q: How do you say 'Happy Christmas' in Portuguese?
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