How do you say 'be my girlfriend' in french?

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Be my girlfriend translated into French is: être ma petite amie/ma copine.

An example sentence using this is: Serez-vous ma copine?

This means will you be my girlfriend?

How can you get your girlfriend to french kiss you?

Answer . first make her feel safe,happy and happy about herself, get her in a comfy position and first do a funy icebreaker and then lean in and kiss her now french kissing is a very passionate and meaningful thing. and yet can be very sexual. but you put your tongue in his or hers mouth and mas ( Full Answer )

How do you french kiss your girlfriend?

Go to wikihow and ask this question, they have a guide. You kiss your girlfriend and if you can try opening her mouth with your lips (which isn't as hard as it sounds) repeatedly and when you both have your mouth's slighly open gently brush your tongue against her's and then you'll be making out. ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'girlfriend' in French?

Answer \n. \nMa petite amie.\n. \nor in slang in some regions - ma Blonde.\n. \n \n. \n \n. \nMon amie, or \n. \nMa copine

What do you say when your girlfriend says she fat?

Answer Whatever you do, do not agree with her, even if you mean it casually or are joking! You can say that you think she looks pretty, no matter how she thinks she looks. Answer You could suggest that if she isn't happy then we should do something about it. Together you can make it fun and ma ( Full Answer )

Say to you in French?

to you = à vous (or à toi if a close friend or child). to say to you = dire à vous ( or dire à toi)

Girlfriend in French?

Girlfriend translates to petite amie/petite copine , literally meaning "little friend". Take off the petite if you're talking about a friend, not a better half. You can get more specific, ma petite amie/ma petite copine , which just shows possession. Ma cheri is cuter, defined as "my darl ( Full Answer )

How do you say and in French?

The French word for and is et , pronounced "eh". There are more words that represents "and".

What to say to your girlfriend?

I like your hair That's a cute shirt And other stuff like that that shes beauiful and you love her

How do I say To You in French?

à toi . However, it depends on context. . She is writing to you = Elle t'écrit (NOT elle écrit à toi) I give an apple to you = Je te donne une pomme (NOT je donne une pomme à toi) For more information, try finding a basic French grammar book and looking up "indirect object pro ( Full Answer )

How do you say are in French?

Tu es or vous êtes is you are; nous sommes is we are; ils sont or elles sont is they are.

A French girlfriend very soon?

Please resubmit your question as it is not clear what you would like to ask and the above is a unfinished statement. Thank you.

How to say I Do in French?

The closest word to "do" in French is "faire" (je fais), but it is still very different and generally not used in the same places "do" is used in English. I recommend you ask another question with more context.

What is say in French?

"Dire" is to say but it's irregular.. Here's the pattern if you're interested:. je dis (I say) tu dis (You singular say) il/elle dit (He/she says) nous disons (We say) vous dites (You plural say) ils disent (They say)

How do you say how in French?

"How" as in "how do you do it" is comment (sounds like kuh-MAH, with the second syllable being nasal) "How" as in "how happy are you" doesn't really exist in French, although you might use the phrase "à quelle mesure" in a formal context.

How do you say her in French?

Generally speaking, "her" would be " elle ". But that can change when used in a sentence. For example: I love her. -> Je l' aime. (direct object) He gives her a ring. -> Il lui offre une bague. (indirect object) "Her" can also be possessive in English, in which case it would translate to ( Full Answer )

What do you say to your girlfriend when your girlfriend is cheating?

if she comes to you broken hearted asking forgiveness, forgive her.If not, dump her, tell her to take a permanent hike and don't lookback. Be the man. tell her that she has hurt you really bad and that you feel likeyou should have some time apart.

Who is sai girlfriend?

He doesnt have Girl friend, and he neither had emotions and is till learning them

How can you do a french kiss with your girlfriend?

Easy, when your making out slowly stick a liiike bit of your tongue into her mouth. Wait for her to do it back. If she doesn't do it back do it again about a minute later if age still doesnt do it then wait till the next time bro

How do you say will you be my girlfriend?

you dont just be cool and if she does not ask you just see if she likes you then just tell her if she wants to go on a date then you are already together after a fiew more dates

What to say to get a girlfriend?

complement her on anything then walk away. become her friend when you think she starts to like you ask her out. it a lot easier than asking her out and having her laugh at you. believe me I'm a girl and that's what my boyfriend did to get me. then he told me.

What do you say to get a girlfriend?

Be sexy when the time comes, be funny, show off, do not be smart alecky, get to know someone well, and then ask her out

How do the French say you?

They say tu for one person, but if they are talking to a group of people, like the teacher talking to the class, they say vous , but saying vous is polite.

How do say 'she' in French?

In French, to say 'she' , you say: Elle eg. elle s'appelle comment? In French, to say 'he' , you say: Il

How do you say it ' in French?

French is a romance language meaning that they do not have a direct translation for our word 'it'. Every noun in romance languages are either feminine or masculine, so depending on the specific word you're looking for, you'll have to do a little online research to find out the gender. I recommend wo ( Full Answer )

Who do you say she in French?

The pronoun she (singular) is elle. When you are talking about a group of women, you would use elles - the 's' is silent.

How do you say he had to in French?

Il lui fallait + infinitive Il fallait qu'il + subjunctive Il devait + infinitive Il avait besoin de + infinitive

How do you say what the in French?

"what the . . ." is " que . . . " in sentences such as " Que diable fais-tu? " "What the hell [literally, devil] are you doing?"

How do you say of the in French?

Well its a bit complicated. It changes if the word after it is male, female, plural or has a vowel at the start du chat- of the cat (male) de la fenêtre- of the window (female) des chevaux- of the horses (plural) de l'infirmière- of the nurse (If the noun begins with a vowel you have to ( Full Answer )

How do you french kiss with a girl that is your girlfriend?

ok so like peoople who are reading this payyy veryy closee attention!! ok so when you are about to kiss open ur mouth as big as possible and tell her to do thatt too ok. and then when u open ur mouth as wide as possible lickk ur lipss until they get all soked and then when u leen in lick her whole f ( Full Answer )

Is she your girlfriend in French?

est-ce qu'elle est ta petite amie / est-elle ta petite amie would be the translations for 'is she your girlfriend in French.

What do you say to your girlfriend when she says you can do better?

Seeing as she is your girlfriend, you must see beautiful, amazing qualities in her. So when she says you can do better, let her know that you don't think there is anyone better. Tell her there are no eyes more beautiful, no smile more charming, no sense of humor cuter than hers, no woman with more g ( Full Answer )

How do you say you in French?

You is 'tu' in informal settings (when among people who are friends, or the same age). 'Tu' is always singular. You is 'vous' when plural OR when in formal settings (someone addressing his boss, for instance).

What can you say in french?

You can say: La personne qui pose cette question ne devrait pas poser plus de questions. And then you can say: Aucune infraction

What to say if your girlfriend says your to clingy?

If she says youre too clingy ask her what you are doing wrong that makes you that way (eg are you over protective?) and see if you can improve otherwise tell her thats who you are and you cant change and she must just accept that. If she won't, break up with her. There are loads of girls who want a ( Full Answer )

How did you say by in French?

aurevoir (if youre saying bye) par(if youre saying by like if youre writing a story)

How do you say ' i am ' in french?

Je suis ( Je mean "I" and suis is the verb form of etre, which means "to be". Also, "etre" should have an upside down "v"--called a circumflex--over the e)

How do you say do you have a in French?

There are three different ways of saying do you have in french: 1. tu as un chien? - do you have a dog? 2. as tu un chien? 3. est-ce que tu as un chien? - literally means 'is it that you have a dog' but is translated as do you have a dog

How do you say get in in French?

If you're using "Get in" as a slang term, this means nothing in France, or to the French - what you're trying to say depends on where in France you are, so there is no direct translation. In a way it's rather like saying "Get in" to people in Australia or New Zealand, they would get confused by wha ( Full Answer )

How you say had in French?

In French, the verb form for "had" changes according to the subject, as follows: I had j'avais you had tu avais s/he had il avait, elle avait we had nous avions you had vous aviez they had ils avaient, elles avaient