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How do you say 'have you got any children' in french?

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"avez vous des enfants ?" or "est-ce que vous avez des enfants ?"

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I don't know when you'd ever use this, but "Has anyone got any teeth" in English is "Quelqu'un at-il des dents" in French.

"I have a" in french is "J'ai une"

I Dunno It But ans = Got

I have 4 children is translated "j'ai quatre enfants" in French.

Its actually 'les enfants' with means children in French

Avez-vous des frères ou des soeurs?

The "mother of my children" is "la mère de mes enfants" in French.

How do you say They want to in French

French children are taught that pigs say 'groin, groin!' instead of 'oink, oink!'

The way to say I got a toy in french is j;ai eu un joue

avais quel-que choses?- got something?

If it is "I got married" then you say "Je me suis marie", if you say "You got married" then it's "Vous vous etes marie" ... Hope that helped.

pas vivant :) I just got it from google translate. if you need any more translations just go there :)

absolument (Got it from Google Translate)

Obtenu ce en français.

I have got a toothache is " j'ai mal aux dents " in French. If this is a severe, painful crisis, you would say " j'ai une rage de dents ".

Did you got it? l'avez-vous obtenu? Did it arrive? Est-elle arrivée?

John Cena does not have any children. I think we can all say that he will have children since he is getting married later in the year. CONGRATULAtIONS CENA! lol.

I have one brother translates to French as 'J'ai un frère'

j'ai un chat - I have a cat

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