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the offical language of Ireland is English, so you would say it the same as here

AnswerActually the first official language of Ireland is Irish. English is the second official language. Unfortunately my Irish would not be good enough to translate the land of opportunity into Irish

Irish and English are the official language, and although most people speak English mostly, more people CAN speak Irish than can speak English.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:45:09
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Q: How do you say 'The Land of Opportunity' in Irish?
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'the land of opportunity' slogan apparently...

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Le pays des opportunités.

How do you say land of the young and free in Irish?

Since the Irish speak English, they would say "Land of the young and free". Of course, it isn't. All lands have a homogeneous mixture of people of all ages.

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Talamhsource : Geddes & Grosset Irish-English Dictionary

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how do you say my country in irish

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Use it in a sentence. 'I own land', 'It's my own land' etc.Also specify Scottish Gaelic or Irish Gaelic.

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In Irish you could say "to seize the opportunity" which would be "Breith ar an bhfaill" or "An deis a thapú".Scottish Gaelic:?

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How do you say "for four days " in irish?

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The way to say egg in Irish is ubh

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No Irish version.

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"luckily in Irish"

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No Irish version.

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Caitríona in Irish.

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I am truly Irish and I think that people say "the luck of the Irish" because , they are either Irish or they believe in luck!

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The Modern Irish is 'anam'. What is 'ancient Irish'? Old Irish?