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How do you say 'star of the month' in Latin?

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The phrase 'star of the month' means Stella mensis in Latin. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'stella' means 'star'. The noun 'mensis' means 'of the month'.

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Q: How do you say 'star of the month' in Latin?
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How do you say month in Latin?

The usual word for 'month' in Latin is [mensis].

How do you say my star in Latin?

Alpha latin... Mi star

How do you say star in Latin?

star = Stella

How do you say silver star in Latin?

A silver star in Latin is stella argentea.

How do you say shining star in latin?


How do you say little star in Latin?


How do you say our star in Latin?

stella nostra

How do you say horrible month in latin?

mensis horribilis

How do you say quest in Latin?

I believe star in Latin is 'stella'. hoped i helped =)

How do you say star' in latin?

Stella (-ae).

How do you say falling star in Latin?

cadens Stella

How do you say dying star in Latin?

Stella moriens.

How do you say constellation in Latin?

Latin constellātiō < cōn ("'with'") + stēlla ("'star, astral body'")

How do you say 'shooting star' in Latin?

We say fax caelestis.

How do you say fallen star in one word in Latin?


What is the Latin word for month?

The Latin word for "month" is mensis.

A cat named after Caesar gets sleepy in the month of his name What month is this?

August -- Augustus Caesar's month; Latin Augustus "Augustus"; Latin Augustus mensis "month of Augustus"; Latin sextilis mensis "sixth month"

What is the origin of the names of the months in German?

The origin of German names for the months is the same as in English:Januar - from Latin ianuarius - month of the god JanusFebruar - from Latin februarius - month of purification - februa meaning purificationMärz - from Latin martius - month of the god marsApril - from Latin aprilus - month of the goddess VenusMai - from Latin maius - month of maia, a Roman earth goddessJuni - from Latin iunius - month of the goddess JunoJuli - from Latin iulius - month of Gaius Julius CeasarAugust - from Latin Augustus - month of Augustus CeasarSeptember - from Latin septem (seven) - September was the 7th month in the Roman calendarOktober - from Latin octo (eight) - October was the 8th month in the Roman calendarNovember - from Latin novo (nine) - November was the 9th month in the Roman calendarDezember - from Latin decem (ten) - December was the 10th month in the Roman calendar

What is star child in Latin?

Star Child

What is 'star' in Latin?


How do you say helmet in Latin?

you say helmet in latin (casco)<- in latin

How do you say twinkle in latin?

To twinkle = micare. Mica, mica parva Stella = Twinkle, twinkle little star

Star decisis means what in Latin?

star decisis

How do you say who am I in Latin?

To say "Who am I?" in Latin you can say "quisnam sum Ego?"

How do you say determined in Latin?

How do you say determined in Latin?