How do you say Garrett in Swedish?

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The same way as you say it in english. Garret (pronounciation expressed in swedish letters as "Gärrett").
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How do you say how are you in Swedish?

You can say " Hur mår du? " or " Hur är det läget? " or just "Läget?" Also you can say " Hur står det till? " ( How are things?), " Hur är det med dej? " ( How are things with you?) or " Hur går det? " ( How are you doing?) " Hur är det läget? " and " Läget? " ( Full Answer )

How do you say you're welcome in Swedish?

Literally "du är välkommen". In practical terms it's probably something else, as the language structure isn't quite the same. If you're giving somebody a gift, then it would be "Varsågod". If you're saying something like, "You're welcome to come in", then I believe it would be "Du är v ( Full Answer )

How do you say welcome in Swedish?

'Välkommen' is 'Welcome' in Swedish. Welcome=Välkommen you are welcome as when giving a gift = varsågod . " Veil-co-men " (one person) and " Veil-com-nah ". Spelled "välkommen" and "välkomna".

How do you say sisters in Swedish?

You say "systrar" 1 syster 2 systrar 3 systrar Min syster slog mig (My sister hit me) Mina systrar slog mig (My sisters hit me)

How do you say And in Swedish?

And in Swedish is "och", as in "Hans och Greta gick till skogen"(Hans and Gretel went to the forest).

How to say by in Swedish?

'By' can mean several things depending on the context in which it's put. E.g. : Where is Frank? He's by the boat. = Var är Frank? Han är vid båten. or : We're passing by Frank now. = Vi åker förbi Frank nu. In case you meant 'buy' or 'bye': Buy = Köpa B ( Full Answer )

How do you say do in Swedish?

Do = Göra In context göra means 'to do'. To say the word 'do' by itself but within the context of a sentence you would say 'gör'. Gör det nu. Do it now Jag vill göra det nu. i want to do it now.

How do you say for in Swedish?

It depends on the context; I did it for you. Jag gjorde det för dig. I bought a car for John. Jag köpte en bil till John. I waited for you for an hour. Jag väntade på dig i en timme. I haven't seen you for ten years. Jag har inte träffat dig på ( Full Answer )

How do you say the in Swedish?

There is no separate word for "the" in Swedish. Instead the words are conjugated to mean the same thing. E.g. dog is "hund", and the dog is "Hund en"

How do you say Alex in Swedish?

Your name is the same as you where... yeah named. But if you want to say Alex in a Swedish way you say it like "Ahlex".

How do you say beauty in Swedish?

Skönhet. The first part (sk-) could be pronounced like the "be silent"- sound "shh". The ö is pronounced like the "Uh?"-sound you make when you don't know what to say, the "n" as in English and the rest a little like "heat", but with less of the "I"-sound and more of the "eh?"-sound. I hope th ( Full Answer )

How do you say break a leg in Swedish?

lit. bryt ett ben. ;D but that's "break a bone", so there isn't a particular "leg" bone is swedish. if you wish to wish a pal good luck, the swedish way of doing it is to lightly kick your friend in the buttox.

How do you say idiot in Swedish?

Idiot is idiot in Swedish. It isn't pronounced the same way as in English tho. It's pronounced with a long "o", kinda like you would say "woot". Just say "idioot" with a similar o-sound.

How do you say you and your friends in Swedish?

If by "you and your friends" you mean saying "me and my friends" then that is " jag och mina vänner " in Swedish. But if you literally mean "you and your friends" then it is " du och dina vänner ", if you're talking to one person, or " ni och era vänner " if adressing more than one perso ( Full Answer )

How do you say hello en Swedish?

You have a number of choices, depending on how formal or informal you'd like to be. A good all-purpose greeting that you really can't go wrong with is "hej!". "Hallå" is often used on the phone; "god dag" (good day) is more formal; "tjena" and "tja" are some informal ones.

How do you say you are seeing someone in Swedish?

To say you're in a relationship you say "Jag är i ett förhållande." Or you could say you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend: "Jag har redan en pojkvän/flickvän."

How do you say suckers in Swedish?

The closest equivalent I can think of would be lättlurad which means gullible. Unless you meant lollipops, which is klubbor or slickepinnar in Swedish.

How do you say That week is perfect in Swedish?

"That week is perfect" is " Den där veckan är perfekt " in Swedish. Keep in mind that this is something you can use when looking at a calender and pointing at a week in the future and saying it is perfect. If you meant to say "That week was perfect", it is " Den där veckan var perfek ( Full Answer )

How do you say my neighbor is mean in Swedish?

You say "Min granne är elak". You may add: "För han ger mig inga kakor när jag är på besök" (=Because he isn't giving me any cookies whenever I'm visiting).

How do you say glitter breeze in Swedish?

Glitter breeze(as in sea breeze) = glitterbris A word I have never heard nor written before, congratualtions on creating a new swedish word :)

How do you say accessories in Swedish?

It depends on how you use it. "Accessoarer", borrowed from french, is mainly used in fashion, clothes and such. "Tillbehör" is used when talking about cars, computers and such. "Bisak" can be used in most cases but will be considered formal.

How do you say Happy Anniversary in Swedish?

Happy anniversary = Grattis på årsdagen It's rarely used though, usually you congratualte people on specific anniversaries. Ex. Happy birthday = Grattis på födelsedagen Wedding anniversary = Grattis på bröllopsdagen and so on

How do you say medium in Swedish?

The word has many meanings. medium- ;mediumrare, mediumlarge, etc: medel- a medium; a means of conveying something: medium , hjälpmedel , uttrycksmedel or förmedlare a medium in spiritism: medium

How do you say cooking burgers in Swedish?

You say laga hamburgare (making hamburgers). In Sweden they don't mean the steak when you say burger, so if you want to say cooking burgers, and you probably meant the meat and not the whole hamburger, so that would be steker hamburgarbiffar in Swedish .

How do you say dad in Swedish?

Dad is pappa in Swedish. Fader is a more formal word for it and farsa is a less formal one.

How do you say do not enter in Swedish?

Do not enter in Swedish is Ange inte if you mean that you aren't to enter certain info in an application for example. If you mean not entering a place then it is "träd/gå inte in i...".

How do you say I see in Swedish?

I see is jag förstår in Swedish. It literally means I understand, but it is used the same way as saying I see.

How do you say dragon in Swedish?

(a) dragon: (en) drake. the dragon: draken. dragons: drakar. Remember that in Swedish, the word drake is not pronounced as it is in English. It is two syllables, sounding almost like the English words "draw-kay".

How do you say What if you are awesome in Swedish?

In Swedish that would be " Vad om du är toppen/fantastisk/storslagen ". There is no direct translation for the word awesome, but I think toppen is closest out of the options in the translation above. The word toppen isn't used much in contemporary Swedish language as far as I am aware.

How do you say pretty in Swedish?

There isn't a similar word in Swedish that could be used as generally as the word pretty in English, so it would slightly depend on the context. Some possible translations are fin, söt, rar, vacker . The words söt and rar are closer to cute in meaning, and vacker is closer to beautifu ( Full Answer )

How do you say taunt in Swedish?

To taunt is smäda or pika in Swedish. These words sound very old fashioned to me, I'm sure there's a more contemporary word for it, but I don't know it... If someone knows, please add it here! :)

How do you say family reunion in Swedish?

Family reunion is familjeträff ("family meeting") in Swedish, as far as I know. If someone knows a more fitting term, please add it here.

How do you say Megan in Swedish?

Names aren't translated, so a Megan will stay a Megan - only limited to the pronounciation skills of the talker.

How do you say Johnathan in Swedish?

Names are spelled the same way, no matter what country you're in, and you should try to pronounce the name the same way the person pronounces his own name. However, if you're naming a child in Sweden, then you would probably spell it Jonatan , if you want it to be pronounced the Swedish way. J ( Full Answer )

How do you say you are wrong in Swedish?

you are wrong = du har fel ("you have wrong") To be wrong/right is constructed with the verb "ha" ("have") in Swedish. Examples: • Det har du alldeles rätt i = You are absolutely right • Jag hadde fel = I was wrong

How do you say from in Swedish?

Depends on the context. Generally it's 'från', but sometimes 'av'. Jag kommer från Amerika. - I come from America. Hon tog det av honom. - She took it from him.

How do you say what the in Swedish?

"The" is often contained in the noun (flicka [girl] turns intoflickan [the girl]); however, what is either "Va" or "Vad."