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Stastny Novy Rok!

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Q: How do you say Happy New Year's Eve in Czech?
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Is it Happy New Year or Happy New Year's?

Happy New Year would be proper since it's a new year not new YEARS. On the eve or the first day of the new year, wishing one a Happy New Year's Eve or Happy New Year's Day would be appropriate; however, if the eve or day isn't specified, Happy New Year is correct.

Is Applebee's open on New Year's eve?

Yes its open as usual. I am a server there and hoping that new years eve will bring in good tips to start off the new year. :) Happy New Years.

What happens on new year's eve?

On New Years eve you party until 12:00 and when 12:00 comes you watch the ball drop and scream happy New Year

How do you spell New Years Eve?

New Year's Eve

Is New Year's Eve before of after New Year's Day?

Eve => night before => New years eve => night before the new years day.

Can we shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve?

yes u can Shoot Fireworks on new years eve its the way of celebriting new Years eve

What is called New Year's Eve in Scotland?

New years eve

When should we celebrate New Year's Eve?

New years eve.

What month is New Year's Eve in?

New years eve is in december

Does it cost money to get into Times Square on New Year's Eve?

No, it does not cost any money to get into times square on New Years eve. Come to New York. Come have fun. Watch the ball drop :) Be merry and be happy.

Is Home Depot open on New Years Eve?

Home Depot is not open on New Years Eve.

Who will perform 2013 new years eve?

Who is perfroming in times square at new years eve 2013

Is Barclay's bank open New Year's Eve?

Yes, Barclay's bank is open on New Years Eve. New Years Eve is not technically a holiday so they will be open but they will be closed on New Years Day.

Is 'New Years Eve' spelled with or without an apostrophe in the word 'Years'?

"New Year's Eve". It is the eve of the New Year, so New Year is in the genetive (possessive) case, thus: New Year's.

How do you say merry Christmas in New Hampshire?

You can also say Happy new year in new hampshire because the people there think the new years eve is coming early.

Should new years be uper case if i were writing an essay should i uper case the words New Years like celebrating New Years is or just celebrating new years is?

New Year's (Eve) and New Year's Day are proper nouns requiring upper case initials. Also happy New Year. "We say Happy New Year at the beginning of the new year."

How do you say a Happy New Year in Czech?

Šťastný Nový rok.

Why do you celebrate new years eve?

We celebrate New Years Eve because it is a new year and because you get more time with family and friends.

How do you say Happy New Year's Eve in Yiddish?

A gut yor! ("Shanah Tovah" is Happy New Year in Hebrew)

What is the correct way to write New Years' Eve or New Year's Eve?

The correct way is to write New Year's Eve.

Is New Years day today?

no today is new years eve. tomorrow is new years

Is New Years Eve a holiday?

New Year's Eve is not a holiday. It's a social observance.

When was the ball first dropped in Times Square on New Year's Eve?

new years eve

Where will Robert Pattinson be on New Year's Eve 2010?

Robert Pattinson will be in New Jersey on New Years Eve.

Why do you kiss on New Year's Eve?

To let that year have a happy ending ;)