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How do you say Have a good day in Russian?

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Имейте замечательный день
Добрый день means "good day" and is spoken as "Dobry dyen."

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How do say happy Mother's Day in Russian?

Счастливый День матери is how you say happy mother's day in Russian.

How do you say it was good in Russian?


How do you say valentines day in Russian?

herpa ler

How do you say good evening in Russian?

Russian for "Good evening" is Добрый вечер. Pronounced do-bree vye-chair.

How do you say im good in Russian?

хороший im

How do you say good morning in Russian?

Доброе утро.

How do you say Very Good in Russian?

очень хорошо

How do you say good boy in Russian?

[Kharoshi mal'chik]

How do you say good dog in Russian?

Khoroshaya sobaka

How To Say In Russian Good Morning?

dobroe utro

How do you say have a good evening Russian?

'Dobri vecher'.

How do you say good morning beautiful in Russian?

Good morning - Dobroe Utro

Good day in russian?

Добрый день! (Dobryi den')

How do you say good in Russian?

khorosh, khoroshaya, khoroshiy and khoroshoe

How do you say goodnight on Russian?

Good Night: Spokoini Noche.

Say you are good in Russian?

ты хорошийty horoshiĭ

How do you say wish you good luck in Russian?

Удачи [udachi]

How do you say your a good friend in Russian?

oye big boy

How do you say have a nice day in Russian?

Dobrogo dnya/ choroshego dnya

How do you say Have a great day in Russian?

the answer to that is pron adj miflin cos

How you say what a beautiful day in Russian?

Прекрасный день (prekrasnyj den').

How do you say good day in Argentina?

good day

How the Australian say have a good day?

"Have a Good day"

How do you say happy Valentine's Day in Russian?

c dnyom svetova valentina

How do you say valentine in Russian?

Валентин (the name) Валентинка (a Valentine day card)

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