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Hello in French is Bonjour

Hi in French is Salut

How are you is Ça va

Bye in French is Au revoir

To say "How do you say Hello?" in French, you would say "Comment dit-on bonjour?"

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How do you say good and hello in French?

Good in french is Bien. Hello in french is Bonjour.

What does allo mean in French?

It is how the French say "hello" when they answer the phone. Another way to say" hello" but in French

How do you say Hello in French please?

bonjour is how you say hello in french

How would you say hello to someone in french?

Bonjour is the French word for hello.

How do you saw hello in french?

if you mean say, bonjour means hello in french.

How do you say hello in French Guiana?

French is spoken in French Guiana, so "hello" is "bonjour".

How do you say hello in the Congo?

its just like french and say bonjour

HOW TO say Hello in french?

This is how you say hello in French: Bonjour =hello Bonsuir=good Afternoon Bonne nuit=Good night I hope I helped you :)

What are 2 ways to say hello in french?

Two ways to say "hello" in French are "bonjour" and the more informal "salut".

How do you say hello in british Columbia?

You either say hello (in english) or bonjour (in french).

How do you say hello girlfriends in french?

Hello girlfriends in french is bonjour copines! Hope it helps :)

How do you say hello in amharic and hi in french?

Hi:(in french) salut hello in amharic : selam

How do people say hello to there friends or people that they know in french?

There are many different ways to say hello in French to people or friends you know. An informal hello is Salut.

How do you say ' hello my name is' in french?

bonjour mon nom est, thats how you say ' hello my name is' in french!

Is there a way of saying hello in French?

Yes, you can say hello in French (or in any other language). In French, hello is bonjour, which literally means good day.

How do you say hello and welcome in french?

hello: bonjourwelcome: bienvenue

How do you day hello in french?

'bonjour' is how to say hello or you can say 'salut' whick means hi

How do you say hello in Cajun french?

Como Ce Vas? It means " hello, how are you"?

How do you say 'hello I am' in French?

"Hello, I am.." is "Bonjour, je suis.."

How do you say hello in canadain?

Hello Most Canadians speak English; hello is hello. A small portion of Canadians speak French (though even the ones that speak French tend to be somewhat bilingual and speak some English as well.) If you wish to know how to say hello in French it is: bonjour

You want to say hi in French?

Saying hello in french is Bonjour

What 3 languages can most Americans say hello in?

The average American can say hello in Spanish, German, and French.

How do they say hello in french?

Bonjour. No editing,I will delete and re-answer. yup- it is bonjour. bonjour means hello in french. ;P

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