How do you say I love Jesus in German?

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  • Ich liebe Jesus.
Pronounced "ick leeba yesus"
God in German is "Gott"
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How do you say much love in German?

" viel Lieb e" is the translation, but when writing on a card or in a letter the phrase is " Mit viel Liebe ".

How do you say you are in love in German?

" Du bist verliebt " is the informal phrase used to a friend/ family. " Sie sind verliebt " is the formal phrase used to a person that you don't know well, " Ich bin verliebt " means " I am in love ".

How do you say my love in German?

" Mein Lieber " is the literal translation but it is a phrase of mild chastisement. As an endearment " Liebling " or " Schatz " (darling) is more fitting.

How do you say I love you sweetheart in German?

The modern term is " Ich hab dich liebe Schatz ". Other possible endings would be "Liebling", "Liebste" or "Liebchen" , but they sound a little false. ======= If you have a German speaking wife or girlfriend they would be extremely cross with you if all you could come up with is Ich ( Full Answer )

How do you say we love you in German?

We love you = wir lieben dich (to one person, informal) We love you = wir lieben euch (to more than one person, informal) We love you = wir lieben Sie (formal)

How do you say 'With much love' in German?

"Mit viele Liebe" is the translation and the normal term used by the German population. "Mit g anz viel Liebe " translates as "with very much love" which is also in common usage. "Mit grosse Liebe" means "with great love." (a phrase that is rarely used.) This is only used in a context ( Full Answer )

How do you say Jesus in German?

In German it`s also "Jesus". The German J is pronouned like the Y in English. So it would be pronounced like Ye-sus . (The e is pronounced differently also in this case it would sound as such Hey-sus (Hay-sus)

How do you say I love you Mother or mom i love youin German?

mom i love you: Mutter, Ich liebe dich or i love you mom:Ich liebe dich, Mutter. When you address someone, you love the way a family member or friend is loved, you rather say "Ich habe dich lieb", than "Ich liebe dich" (which can also be translated as "I am in love with you"). So "I love you mo ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus say about Love?

love your neighbour as yourself . love is not a sin. true love does not pushed into sin.

How do say i love you in German?

Ich liebst du. If GCSE German is at all accurate. ==== So much for GCSE qualifications! Wrong conjugation of the verb lieben and use of nominative instead of accusative. Correct form is Ich Liebe Dich

How do you say i love food in German?

"Ich mag Essen." make sure you capitalize the word "Essen" meaning food. All nouns are capitalized in German. The word love in German: "Liebe" is not used the same in German as in English. One would not say "Ich liebe Essen." It just doesn't make sense in German.

How do I say do you love me too in German?

Liebst du mich? Since you're asking a question you must use verb, subject word order. By the way this just translates to "Do you love me?" but it should work just about the same way. lieben means to love. It's "liebst" because you must use the proper verb ending to agree with the subject whi ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus say love your enemy?

Yes, He did. He said to love them as God's child and to treat them as such. But, He also said that we do not have to love their behavior. If you know someone who is not a Christian, then you are suppose to love them as your brother/sister and be kind towards them. But, you are not suppose to hang ou ( Full Answer )

How do you say lots of love in German?

I am German so that's good! If you want to say lots of love in German there are a couple things you could say:. Ich liebe dich ....................... i love you. Ich liebe dich sehr ....................... i love you heaps. Ich liebe dich ganz doll ...................... i love you soooo much. ( Full Answer )

How do you say I love social studies in German?

I love social studies is ich liebe Gemeinschaftskunde in German. ===== More commonly social studies is translated as Sozialkunde , also social sciences Sozialwissenschaften

How do you say will you still love me in the morning in German?

lieben Sie mich jedoch morgens === Don't you just hate automatic on-line translation programs? Given the intimate nature of the statement it is highly improbable that you would use the Sie- form, jedoch translates as but, or although and morgens translates as in or every morning ( Full Answer )

How do you say i love cookies in German?

"Ich liebe Plätzchen" would be the most literal translation of "I love cookies"... If you want to say something less extreme, like "I like cookies" instead, try: "Ich mag Plätzchen" or "Ich habe Plätzchen gern"

Could you translate the lyrics of 'Jesus Loves Me' into German?

Jesus liebt mich! Das weiß ich, Denn die Bibel sagt es mir. Die Kleinen zu ihm gehören ; Sie sind schwach, aber er ist stark. Refrain Ja, Jesus liebt mich! Ja, Jesus liebt mich! Ja, Jesus liebt mich! Die Bibel sagt es mir. Jesus liebt mich! Das weiß ich, Wie liebte er so lange her, Unte ( Full Answer )

What did Jesus say about brotherly love?

The Greek language has different words for different types of love, including agape (unconditional or sacred love) and philia (brotherly love). There is a passage in John chapter 21 that works well because it was written in Greek, but its meaning would be lost had it been spoken in Aramaic, just ( Full Answer )

How do you say love Cody in German?

Simply, it's "liebe Cody." If you're writing "I love Cody", "Ich liebe Cody." If you're ending a letter or a note, "Liebe, Cody".

How do you say jesus loves you in diferent languages?

Afrikaans-Jesus is lief vir jou Albanian-Jezusi ju do Arabic-يسوع يحبك Armenian-Հիսուս սիրում է ձեզ Azerbaijani-İsa siz sevir Belarusian-Езус любіць вас Bulgarian-Исус вР( Full Answer )

What did Jesus say about the love of money?

Well it's not said by Jesus but one of his disciples, Timothy, said at 1 Timothy 6: 10 "For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith." Here, it's not being said that money itself is evil, in fact in oth ( Full Answer )

How do you say I love you my little cupcake in German?

ich liebe dich mein kleiner honigkuchen (there is no word for cupcake in the german language and it wouldnt be used in the same sense as americans use it so the closest word would be honigkuchen which would be used in that sense.)

How to say i love Jesus in kazhakstan?

i don't actually know the answer but please post the answer on my account. tnx! God Bless! -Sarah Cansino and Hannah Cansino :)

How do you say Jesus loves you in Scottish Gaelic?

The Scottish Gaelic for [Jesus loves you] is: i. ' Tha gaol aig Ìosa ort'. ii . ' Tha gràdh aig Ìosa ort'. I pronounced the [two phrases above ] in sources and related links below▾

Does Jesus say I love you?

YES John 13:34 and 15:12-14. See also where GOD loves His people at Deuteronomy 7:7-8 and First Epistle of John, chapter 4, verse 10-11.

How do you say Jesus loves you in creole?

Actually, there is no such language as "Creole." . The word Creole describes any language that is a stable,full-fledged language originating from a pidgin (which is alanguage composed of two or more unrelated languages). . There are over 100 completely different creoles still spoken inthe worl ( Full Answer )

When did Jesus ever say I Love You?

The words I love you are not recorded as a phrase Jesus said.However, he did say "as I have loved you, so you must love oneanother."