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Je t'aime Shelby is I love you Shelby in French.

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You love shelby in french?

"j'aime, tu aimes, il aime shelby"

How do you say shelby in french?

The name Shelby is said the same in French as it is in English. This name is English in origin and means willow farm.

How do say you love it in french?

love in french is "amour".

How do you say love me in french?

love me is love me in french love is aimer though

How do you say in love in French?

in love in French is "amoureux de".

How do you say to love in French?

to love is translated 'aimer' in French

What does the name shelby mean in french?

Shelby means from the estate.

How do you say you love it in French?

I love it is "j'aime / j'aime ça" in French.

How do you say and her love in French?

"and her love" is ".. et son amour" in French.

I like you in French?

In French, to say I love you, you say:Je t'aime.

How do you say the word love in french?

Love (noun) is "amour" in French. To love (verb) is "aimer".

How do you say I love to learn in French?

I love to learn is 'j'aime apprendre' in French.

How do you say making love in French?

'Making love' in French is 'Faire l'amour'.

How do you say love to sew in French?

I love to sew is j'aime coudre in French.

How do you say I love X in French?

I love (her/his name here) is " j'aime .... " in French.

How do you say I love to eat in French?

"I love to eat" in French is j'aime manger.

Hello your name is shelby in french?

If my name is Shelby:Bonjour! Je m'appelle Shelby. (Hello! My name is Shelby.)If your name is Shelby:Bonjour! Ta nom est Shelby. (Hello! Your name is Shelby.)

What is the French word for love?

The french word for love is " Amour", but if you're looking to say "I love you" in French it is "je t'aime".

How do you say love'in french?

'love' in french is 'amour'

How do you say i would love to take French in French?

Actually, in French, you would say: I would love to studyFrench. (J'aimerais étudier le français.)If you prefer to say "I would love to take a French course" you could say "J'aimerais suivre un cours de français."

What does love you mean in french?

Love You is English , and when you would say that it wouldn't make much sence to the french person considering it's English. If you wanted to say I Love You in french you would say :" Je T'aime".

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