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"We will miss you" is "Vi kommer att sakna dig." in Swedish.

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I miss you already = Jag saknar dig redan

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Jag saknar dig.

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Q: How do you say I miss you already in Swedish?
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How do you say i miss you in Swedish?

Jag saknar dig :)

How do you say i mis in swedish?

I miss (you)? Jag saknar (dig). I miss (the bus)? Jag missar (bussen).

How do you say Miss in Swedish?

"Vi har saknat dig" its pronounced [ Vii haar saaknaat day ] =)

What does froken mean in Swedish?

Froken means Miss in Swedish.

What is miss us yet in Swedish?

'Miss us yet?' would be 'saknar oss ännu?' in Swedish.

What is the Swedish word for miss?

Verb: miss is att sakna in Swedish. The verb is conjugated by timeform.For example: "I missed you." is "Jag saknade dig."

How do you say i miss you already in creole?

waan kuu xiisaa markasytaba

How do you say fine am sorry but am still miss you and want you in swedish?

am sorry = jag är ledsen still miss you = saknar dej fortfarande want you = vill ha dej

How you say and in swedish?

And is "och" in swedish.

Who was the Swedish playwright that wrote Miss Julie?


How do you say 'in Swedish' in Swedish?

På svenska

How do you tell someone you miss them in Swedish?

"Jag saknar dig" meaning "I miss you" is one example :)