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How do you say Julissa in Chinese?

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How do you say julissa is single in french?

julissa est Célibataire

How do you say Julissa in French?

It's the same.

When was Julissa Veloz born?

Julissa Veloz was born in 1988.

When was Julissa Miro born?

Julissa Miro was born in 1978.

When was Julissa born?

Julissa was born on 1944-04-08.

What is the birth name of Julissa de Jesus?

Julissa de Jesus's birth name is Julissa Nedy de Jesus.

When was Julissa Gomez born?

Julissa Gomez was born on 1972-11-04.

When did Julissa Gomez die?

Julissa Gomez died on 1991-08-08.

What rhymes with julissa?


When was Julissa - singer - born?

Julissa - singer - was born on 1976-01-13.

When was Julissa Bermudez born?

Julissa Bermudez was born on September 28, 1983, in Dominican Republic.

Is Julissa beautiful?


When was Julissa de Jesus born?

Julissa de Jesus was born on January 24, 1980, in Okinawa, Japan.

How you say Chinese moon festival in Chinese?

Zhongqiujie is how you say Chinese moon festival in Chinese?

What does julissa mean?

Julissa is an modern name invented as an elaborate form of Julia, in the style of the popular names like Alissa and Melissa.

Duggar names for new baby Julissa or Julian?

i think Julian duggar sounds good for a boy! I'm not sure about Julissa

When was Julissa Marquez born?

Julissa Marquez was born on June 8, 1972, in New York City, New York, USA.

What does Julissa the name mean?

Julissa Old English: From Julie, meaning Downy HairedOld English: From Alissa, meaning Noble, Kind

How do you say to get there in Chinese?

To get there in Chinese

How do you say donkey in Chinese?

this is how you say donkey in Chinese escarlett

How do you say peaceful in Chinese?

To say "Peaceful" in Chinese is Hépíng and the Chinese Kanji is 和平.

How do you say million in Chinese?

Million in chinese Million in chinese You say million in百万

How do you say poo in Chinese?

大便. That's how you say it in Chinese.

How do you say Chinese in Spanish?

the way to say Chinese in spanish is chino

How do you say mikaylah in Chinese?

i want to know how to say my name in Chinese