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Q: How do you say Love is the only answer in Korean language?
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How do you say my love in Korean language?

my love

How do say your love in Korean language?

sarangni is how you say it

How do you say Please stay with me in Korean language?

i love you

How do you say i am in love you in korean language?

"Neol Saranghae"

How do you you say i love you too in Korean language?

i think it will be Saranay...

How do you say i love you too in Korean language?

Na-Do Saranghae :))

How do you say i love you friend in korean language?

Saranghae chinguyah~

How do you say only love you in Korean language?

Ne man salang he. (너만 사랑햐)

How do you say i love my son in Korean language?

내 아들을 사랑 = i love my son

How do you say I love you to a friend in Korean language?


How do you say i am falling in love in Korean language?


How do you say I love you sister in Korean language?

oni, sa na ei yo.

What does Kayla mean in Korean?

I LOVE YOU -It doesn't mean i love you.It doesnt really have a meaning in the Korean language tho. I am a Korean native.I asked my parents and grand parents and my Korean speaking family they say it does not.

How do you say sunbae in Korean language?

In Korean, it is 선배

How do you say you love Korean?

yes,great love with korean

How do you say 'I am in love' in Korean?

The way to say 'I am in love' in Korean is 나는 사랑에 빠졌어.

How to say do you love me in Korean language?

날 사랑하니? (nal sa-rang ha-ni?) (:

How do you say i like this in Korean language?

"I like this" is 이렇게 in Korean.

How do you say hello in North Korea?

north korean language is the same with south korean language and they say annyung 안녕!

How do you say only you in Korean language?

Guh-nyang nuh Or nuh-mahn, which means "Just you."

How do you say Daughter in Korean language?


How do you say why in Korean language?

wae 왜

How do you say teacher in Korean language?


How do you say welcome in Korean language?


How do you say community in Korean language?