How do you say May and Can i go shopping in french?

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est-ce que je peux aller faire les magasins ?

tu peux le faire (you may do it, you are given the authorisation)
tu peux le faire (you can do it, you are able to do it)
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How do you say 'may I' in French?

Here are a few possible translations of "may I", from most to least formal: puis-je -- "peweezh" pourrais-je -- "poo-rezh" je peux -- "zhuh puh"

How do you say you have to go in French?

I have to go. Here are some basic suggestions: Je dois partir. Je dois y aller. Il faut que je parte. Il faut que j'y aille. The last one is probably the most natural/casual. Many people pronounce it without the "il" and without the "e" in "que". So it sounds like "foke zhee I". - If you really ( Full Answer )

How do you say may i have a turn in french?

"Puis-je avoir un tour ?" sounds like: pweezh ah-vwar eh[n] toor (the [n] means nasalize the vowel) Or perhaps, more informally, "je peux ?" sounds like: zhuh puh

How do you say may in French?

The month - "Mai". The word - "Pouvoir" It depends on how "may" is meant.. If you are referring to the month of May, the translation is: Mai. If you are referring to the indicator of possibility, i.e. he may arrive late, you would say "it is possible that" in French which is: il est possible que ( Full Answer )

How do you say i go to in french?

I go to = Je fréquente, or, Je vais au/à la. Other related;. I attend = J'assiste or, je participe

How do you say i am going in french?

The correct way to say, "I am going" in French is : "Je vais". It is simply formed with the subject pronoun followed by the correct conjugated form of "aller" (to go). Here is how "aller" is conjugated: Je vais (I am going) Tu vas (You are going (Informal)) Elle/Il/On VA (She, He, One is go ( Full Answer )

How do you say in french She likes to shop at the mall?

\n. \nelle gen pour magasin a determiner galarie\n. \nALTHHOUGH IM NOT THAT SURE IF THERE ARE ANY ACCENTS SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK ALSO IF YOU THINK THIS IS WRONG YOU CAN ALWAYS CHECK ON THE NET OR IN A FRENCH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.\n. \nThe traduction would be : Elle aime faire du shopping dans l ( Full Answer )

How go you say how are you in french?

You can say "Comment ça va?" or "Comment allez vous?" is the more formal way of asking. There is even slang of just "Ça va?". There is also a more specific question for if someone looks upset, which is "Qu'est qu'y a?" which means What is wrong or how are you.

How do I say are you going to ask me out in french?

Est-ce que tu vas me demander de sortir avec toi ? (romantic relationship implied) . and if you are waiting for it: Est-ce que tu vas me demander enfin de sortir avec toi ?

How do you say may I have your phone number in french?

Est-ce que je peux avoir votre numero de telephone, si'l vous plait.. OR. Donnez-moi votre numero de telephone, si'l vous plait! (Give me your phone number please). OR. Vous pouvez donner votre numero de telephone a moi?

How do you say may i go to the bathroom in french?

I don't know how to pronounce it but Peux-j'aller à la salle de bains ? if you need more translations in any language follow these steps 1. go to French translation the on Free translation and professional translation services from SDL . It shoud say Translate ( Full Answer )

How do you say pet shop in french?

If you use Google Translater you can know how to say anything in French. Anyways, you say the same I think. Check on Google Translater

How do you say ' shopping ' in french?

The direct translation from English to French of the noun shopping (synonym: purchasing) is courses. If you want to use the term in a phrase, the two most useful are faire les courses (to do the shopping) and aller faire les courses (to go shopping).

How do you say is going in french?

est en train (de se faire) - VA se faire - which is what we say when something is going to be done or is being done - if you mean - 'is leaving' - parte, être en train de partir, il s'en VA.

How do you say big shop in French?

grand magasin (this term is used mostly for department stores... not sure if that's what you mean by 'big shop')

How do you you say go to school in french?

to go to school is "aller à l'école" in French.Je assist le collége - I go to secondary schoolI can't do it on my keyboard but the accent on college faces the other wayAlso, the top one says primary school and only says to attend school, not I attend school

How do you say 'the shops' in French?

The shops are 'les magasins' or 'les boutiques' in French. Boutiques is often used for small shops like clothing outlets; 'magasins' fits any size of shops; 'les grands magasins' are large department stores. magasins

How do you say I have been going in french?

"I have been going" is in the Present Perfect Progressive voice, something that is either still going on, has recently stopped happening, or something in the past that is now come back to bite us. There is no direct corresponding tense in French. It would be helpful to have the whole context in ord ( Full Answer )

What is you go shopping in french?

umm can u say the question more clear? cuz when i pronounce it in my head, it sounds like a guy with a weird weird weird voice.....

How do you say go rowing in french?

im not that sure, but i think it might be 'je me rowing' but if its important then dont trust me, i advise you use another web page.

How to say I have to go pee in French?

J'ai besoin d'aller aux toilettes, j'ai besoin d'aller faire pipi (familiar or childish), j'ai besoin d'aller pisser (kind of rude)

How do you say 'when to go' in French?

Because French is a romantic language and English is a germanic language, direct translations like that can be difficult. There are many different ways to say "When to go" depending on the context of the sentence and the amount of formality to be used. Also, "When to go" isn't exactly how the French ( Full Answer )

How do you say how is everything going IN FRENCH?

For informal situations such as talking to a friend, you could say, " Ça va," "Comment vas-tu". Both of those are for "How are you?" If you want to say "What's new?" or "What's up?" you could say "Quoi de neuf?"

How does one say shopping in french?

You can say "faire du shopping" if you buy clothes, make up, shoes etc ... And "faire les courses" if you buy food or domestic products. French people usually use "shopping" to talk about a leisure, and "courses" to talk about an obligation (obligation of buying food, etc ...)

How do you say twenty first of May in french?

vingt-et-un mai No capital letter for months we don't translate "of for the first of may we use an ordinal number too: premier mai but not after: deux mai, trois mai etc.