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There isn't really a general term for this, but there a few you can use in different situations.

mworago? (뭐라고?) = is a polite way of saying 'what?' The 'rago' part is kind of indicating past tense, so you could use that. Of course this is in informal speech, if you wanted to use formal speech (전댓말) you would add a 'yo' to the end, so it becomes mworagoyo?

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Q: How do you say Sorry or Pardon as in asking what someone said in Korean?
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What does pardon pardon mean?


What does what really mean?

It means asking a question or asking someone to repeat what they just said eg what did you just say I couldn't catch that sorry. A more polite word than "what" is pardon you would especially use this if you asked someone to repeat what they just said because you didn't hear it.

What does pardon the cliches mean?

Well a cliche is a phrase that is aid alot or is redundant so if someone were to say "Pardon the cliches" I would think they were asking you to either ignore them or to forgive them for using them in the first place. Sorry if this doesn't help you at all I'm only a freshman in high school.

What does pardon meaning?


How do you say sorry in Spanish?

To say "pardon me", after bumping into someone for instance, it is "perdone". To say "I am sorry" in more serious situations it would be "lo siento"

What is i beg your pardon?

"I beg your pardon" means "I'm sorry" in a formal way.

What does disculpe mean in spanish?

Sorry, pardon me

What is sorry in french?

i am pretty sure its je suis desole. with an accent on the last e of desole Pardon or you can say excuse moi Improve - désolé - désolée (fem) - excuse-moi. (to someone you know) - excusez-moi (to someone you don't know) - pardon

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someone don't know the answer and asking you to help them you asking question to answer well I do sorry to tell you have to help me

What does oh pardon mean in French?

"oh sorry"

How do you write i am sorry in french?

"Pardon" or "Je suis desolé"

What does pardo mean in french?

Pardon means- Sorry/Excuse me